Why Clarus Commerce Builds Premium Loyalty Programs
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Why Clarus Commerce Builds Premium Loyalty Programs

The Internet has put the power squarely
in the hands of the consumer. Comparison shopping is easier than ever. They may
shop at your brand this week, but at your competitors next week because they have
a deeper discount or a better price. That’s not loyalty. Consumers have more
choices than ever, which is leading them to retract their loyalty faster than
ever. Loyalty programs are really all the same.
They’re forcing consumers to purchase first with the rewards coming much later.
One size fits all. We’re training consumers to find the deepest discount
and shop at that retailer, regardless of brand.
That’s why traditional loyalty programs are known as margin killers, and that’s
why we created premium loyalty. When I think of a premium loyalty program, these are the most important programs. These are the brands that I most engage with.
They play a role in my life daily or weekly or monthly. Those are the
investments that I’m willing to make as a consumer. As a retailer, I want to be in
that category, and that’s where premium plays a role. Premium loyalty is a whole new model for retail. We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule where 80% of your revenue
comes from 20% of your customer base. With a premium loyalty program, your
best customers agree to pay a fee in exchange for 24/7 benefits and services
that traditional loyalty programs can’t touch. At Clarus, we have more experience than anyone else in design, development and implementation of customized premium
loyalty programs. We’ve built and managed over 50 premium loyalty programs. That’s
more than anyone else in the industry. Amazon is changing the dynamics and
expectations of the consumer today, so we need a product to be able to compete
with the likes of the Amazon, and Clarus has provided that.
Customer thinking is really at the heart of every premium loyalty program that we
create, and that’s why we design programs that work both for your business and
provide value to your customers. It’s really important to understand the
emotion behind why your customers are shopping your brand so that you can
build benefits into your loyalty program that tap into that emotion and grow
that brand love. What’s great about a premium loyalty program is that your best
customers are gonna buy more often, they’re gonna spend more when they do
that, and then at the end the day, they’re gonna tell their friends about how great
the program is. Clarus Commerce builds loyalty programs that are so valuable,
your customers are willing to pay for them. In addition to building these
programs, we manage them as well. When we say manage, we mean handling every part
of the program. Clarus has experienced teams built around IT, product
development, creative, marketing, customer service, client services, data sciences,
and financial modeling each of our partners gets to tap into. We become an
extension of your team so that you can focus on your core business. The thing I
like most about Clarus is the level of professionalism and the sense of urgency. I’ve been at this for a long time in this industry and it’s very difficult to get
immediate results from anything that you do. The lead times that we have in
getting new product into our assortment are long. Creating a catalog is a two
month venture. So, anytime that you have an opportunity to work with an
organization and get something implemented in weeks rather than months, and actually see the tangible results of that, it’s really rewarding. The launch of
the program is really only the beginning. We work with you to constantly evolve
the program to both stay ahead of the competition and meet your customers
and their changing expectations. So at the end of the day it’s all about the consumer. We look at it through the lens of trying to find pain points for that consumer
and build a loyalty program that answers all those pain points for our clients. So,
we could build the right program for the consumer that’s ultimately going to
drive loyalty back to our clients and ultimately going to be a win-win for
Clarus, our client, and the end consumer. If you’re ready to rethink loyalty, visit us at www.claruscommerce.com

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