Why Education Based Marketing (EBM) Is So Profitable & Powerful | B2B vs B2C
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Why Education Based Marketing (EBM) Is So Profitable & Powerful | B2B vs B2C

In this episode I’m going to be sharing
what I believe is the most effective marketing strategy ever. What it is? Why
it works so well? and most importantly, How you can use it in your business?
Let’s get to it Hey there my name is Adam Erhart, modern marketing strategist and welcome to The Modern Marketing Show, where we help you grow your business by generating more leads, sales and customers. So if you’re
interested in learning the latest and greatest marketing strategies, tools, tips,
tricks and tactics, well you may want to consider subscribing and hitting that
notification bell. When it comes to marketing strategies, there’s no shortage
available, you can do this, you can do that, you can do both, you can do
everything, you could do nothing, like many people do, sadly. But time and time
again, there’s one underlying strategy that’s just proven incredibly valuable
and is really heralded by some of the top names in the industry and has been
that way for decades. It’s a strategy that I use to build my very first
six-figure business back in the day and it’s a strategy that I’ve used on every
single business since then. It’s also a strategy I’m using right now and it’s a
strategy I highly recommend that you use and deploy across any business venture
you ever come across. It’s just that effective. But before we
dive into exactly what it is and the specifics behind it, first a little bit
of foundational and marketing principles here. At any given time there’s a very
small percentage of your ideal target market who are ready, willing and able to
buy from you. Basically, of all the people that you really want to sell to, well
there’s only a very small percentage of them who want what you have, have the
money to pay for it and are actively seeking the solution to their problem
right now. Now, depending on what statistic you read or where you get your
information, this number can be as small as 2% or as high as 10% or anywhere in
between, but regardless of whether we’re talking about 2% or 10%, that’s a pretty
small number. So, what strategy is going to enable you to capture the 2% to 10%,
who are ready willing and able to buy right now, while also still reaching the
90% or 98%, again, depending on the statistic, of those people who aren’t
willing to buy right now but who maybe at some point in the future and how can
you reach them in a way that builds trust and goodwill and positions you as
the authority and go-to expert in your industry. Well, the answer to that my
friend and the strategy that I believe is probably the single most of
have one available today is: Education based marketing. The reality is is that
with an education based marketing strategy you’re going to sell a lot more
products and a lot more services and basically do a lot more business then
you would otherwise if you’re just trying to sell right off the bat. Alright,
so what exactly is education based marketing. Well, essentially the name
kinda says exactly what it is it’s: marketing that focuses on educating or
informing or in some way entertaining your target market with content.
Basically, with education based marketing you’re giving value in advance. So, you’re
going out there and rather than simply pitching or trying to make a sale which
can come off as kind of cold aggressive or sleazy, depending on how you do it,
well rather than that you’re leading first with value. Now, when it comes to
education based marketing, EBM for short, well there’s a number of different
strategies and styles available that are going to depend on you and your style,
your business and your customers preferred form of content. You can use
video, like we’re doing here and you can put that video on YouTube or Facebook or
Instagram or LinkedIn, you can use audio and maybe to a podcast, of course there’s
good old-fashioned text which you can use in a blog or on your website or
through different social media sites and there’s even image based education based
marketing. Oh that’s a mouthful. Basically, you could create an infographic or some
kind of visual depiction or explanation of what you do or how your service helps.
Regardless though of what style you choose, the important thing to remember
is that you choose one and that you start to create content that educates
and informs your target market. So why does education based marketing work? and most importantly, why does it work so well? Well, there’s a nifty thing that
happens when we take this position and essentially when we take on the role of
a teacher or someone who’s educating or helping or providing value. Well our
market can’t help, but to see us as the authority and as an expert on the
subject. All of which I’m pretty sure you can agree, are good for business.
You see, we tend to respect people that teach us things. This has kind of been
baked into our society since very early times when we’re told to sit in class
and be quiet and do what the teacher says. But aside from just the social
constraints, we also do respect people that teach us things because they help
us, right, by giving us information and giving us knowledge and training us and
that, they helped us to succeed, which is why we
respect authorities that teach us things. Also by providing education based
marketing it kind of hits on the know like and trust factors all at once by
providing that level of care and attention and info. But perhaps the
single most important reason of all and the reason that I believe that education
based marketing is just so incredibly effective, is that because it proves that
you can help people by actually helping them. You see, rather than just standing
out there cold and making a pitch or making a claim and saying hey we’re the
best and we’re the greatest and come do business with us because we’re so good –
and that was a terrible sales pitch- Well, rather than doing that, when you use
education based marketing, you’re actually helping them and showing that
not only do you know what you’re doing, well you know what you’re doing enough
to be able to help them do it. So, you teach them something ideally,
something that they can use and implement and get an immediate win from,
which only further proves that you’re the right person for the job.
This means whether they’re looking for something right now or whether they’re
just interested and might be looking to buy some time in the future, well you’re
gonna become the clear and obvious choice for the job. Now, you can add to
this the fact that education based marketing destroys obliterates and
completely banishes any sense of neediness or desperation or anything
like that which totally kills your chances of making a sale. After all, when
it comes to sales and marketing, one of the least attractive traits is neediness,
but by deploying an education based strategy, well, it gets rid of that
because you’re basically saying: “look, don’t really need you, here I’m just
trying to provide as much value as possible. If, on the other hand, you want
to do business with us, that’s cool and we can talk later”.
On the other hand, if you come out and just make offer and pitch and try to get
the sale as much as possible, well you look needy and desperate and you can’t
hide it, everyone can tell and it kills your chances of success. So, don’t do that.
Alright, so how do you use education based marketing in your business? Well,
it’s my firm belief that the vast majority, if not all of your marketing,
should be education based. This even includes your ads or the times that
you’re blatantly making an offer, which is totally cool, you have to make offers,
but you can wrap them up in a way that actually provides value to your target
market. I can almost remember the exact day that this all clicked for me, because
it was the day that we went from getting our clients good results to absolutely
amazing and essentially, the only shift that we
really did was seek to make every single ad that we created provide value and
educate alongside making the sale. Not only did our short-term sales spiked but
the clients long-term sales only continue to grow as well and all because
of this simple shift that really just meant providing more value answering
objections, helping solve problems and giving everything that we could in
advance by positioning the client as the expert and really making them the
obvious and clear choice for the job. Now, one of the most common objections to
using an education based marketing approach is that “hey Adam, I don’t want
to give away all my secrets” “I don’t want to tell everyone how to do everything
because then they’ll just go do it themselves” to which I say: what you can
do here is you can teach the What and the Why and not the How. What I mean here is what you do and what it’s all about, why it’s important and why they should
care but not necessarily the How and How to do every single intricate detail,
after all that is what your business is for. Now, the catch to this is that there
is two types of different people: the type of person that’s going to want to
do it all themselves and the type of person that’s going to want to hire you
and really the type of person that’s gonna do it all themselves, well by
teaching them how to do it you’re really, again, just helping yourself by
positioning you as the expert and they probably weren’t gonna hire you anyway.
But by showing the How and teaching them how to do that, well you do tend to
attract the person who’s really has no interest of doing themselves at all and
then they’re gonna see you as more of that expert and more of the authority.
Alright, so now let me share how this might play out in a business-to-business
or B2B type business, as well as a business to consumer or B2C business.
First up is the business-to-business or B2B business. This is a business whose
customers are other businesses. So we need to tailor our education based
marketing strategy accordingly. First off the purchase price, decision making time
and length of the relationship all tend to be a lot higher, so we really need to
step up our education based marketing content game. Fortunately, this strategy
pays off and is well worth the effort because when we’re talking about a B2B
business, well we’re not selling a pack of gum or a deck of playing cards or a
t-shirt or anything like that we might be selling agency services or really
expensive enterprise software or something that could cost tens of
thousands hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of dollars over the client
relationship. So, it’s clearly worth the extra effort here. Now,
when it comes to a B2B, education based marketing strategy, you want to make sure
that your strategy covers all facets of your business and leaves no stone
unturned, most importantly, don’t be afraid to dive into the technical and
logistical and all the rationale sides of your business and why this is going
to be important. Also, depending on the nature of the industry, you’re probably
also going to want to prepare some more traditional forms of education based
marketing content, like white papers or case studies or real-world results of
some of the things that your business was able to achieve for prior clients.
Alright, so now let’s contrast that with a B2C or business-to-consumer.
Business seeing as a business to consumer business is selling directly to
the consumer and typically at a much lower price point with a much shorter
decision time and typically in a more transactional opposed to a more
relational way, you’re gonna want to do things a little differently here. In this
case, you want to make sure that your education based marketing strategy
focuses more on the emotional side and less on the logical side. Sure you can
still touch on a few of the features and some of the stuff around it but again
you really want to be benefit driven here and really focus on that emotional
side that end state that your business is going to help the consumer get to by
purchasing your product or your service. Also, keep in mind that with B2B you’re
going to be trying to reach and market to a much smaller number of people. So
your marketing can be a lot more tailored and a lot more specific. With
B2C on the other hand, you’re going to have a more broad or mass-market appeal,
so you’ve got to make sure that depending on the targeting or the media
choices that you’re using, well, you’ve got to make sure that you keep your
brand accessible and appealing to those that you’re trying to reach. That said,
thanks to some of the targeting features we now have available with many of the
online advertising platforms, we really actually can focus and narrow down our
message so we can appeal to very specific segments of our market kind of
one at a time making it seem just that much more tailored and customized and
specific and therefore a lot more profitable. Also, in B2B we talked about
using more traditional tools like case studies and whitepapers and articles and
things like that. Well, with B2C you can afford to get a little more
creative and you definitely want to leverage the online tools we have
available, including different video ads and different online pay-per-click ads
and all of the social media targeting and
features available which are only continuing to get better and better
every single day. Regardless though of whether your B2B or B2C, using education
based marketing as the key underlying strategy is just a phenomenal tool to
help really increase your ROI, both in the short term and the long term. Alright, the next thing you’re going to want to do is take a look at the video I´ve linked up right here when it’s released next week. It’s the next part of
our B2B vs. B2C series. So, make sure to check back for that video. Thanks so
much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on The Modern Marketing Show.
So, why do the brand awareness camp and the lead generation camp why don’t they
get along? and what is it about brand awareness that the lead jenner’s just
don’t like. Well, first…

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