Why Forever Living Products is The Best – Business Opportunity Presentation 2015
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Why Forever Living Products is The Best – Business Opportunity Presentation 2015

Welcome and Thanks for taking time to
learn about something that’s made a positive difference in millions of
people’s lives around the world. We hope that this can be a
transformative moment in your life too. You probably have a lot of questions, today in this presentation we will
start by answering three big ones First Forever Living Products,
Who are we? What is it exactly that we do?
and finally How do we do it? How does Forever help
tens of thousands of people in the US and millions worldwide Look Better Feel Better earn a living?
Let’s jump into this last question first You probably have questions
about Network Marketing, to understand how network marketing sometimes called multi-level marketing works, we first need to understand how the traditional retail marketplace works. Let’s take a nutritional product
as an example The traditional retail model
was developed in England during the Industrial Revolution. This process hasn’t changed much in over 300 years
despite massive changes in our economy It starts with a grower who sends
their harvest to the manufacturer, the manufacture produces a product
and sells it to a wholesaler the wholesaler distribute it to many
different retail stores who then sell it to a consumer. Each step along the way their expenses
to pay and profits to earn. There’s nothing necessarily wrong
with this traditional retail pathway. However what Forever does
is far more straightforward. Forever grows, produces and distributes
the world’s finest Aloe based products. They distribute them through
Forever Business Owners like you and I. Those profits that traditionally would
go to middlemen now go to us, in the form of bonus compensation,
car allowances and travel incentives. Forever Business Owners have
two streams of income we have consumers that
simply love our products and we have team members who like us
seek to build Forever Businesses. The Forever Opportunity
is like a growing tree, as you add new team members
you add new branches, those new branches produce new branches themselves
with consistent effort overtime you have a large tree stemming from your
single trunk, your Forever Business. What are the advantages of running
your own Forever Business? You first, you get to decide when
and how much you wanna work, 90% of people start their
Forever Business part-time in their spare time, next you can become a better person
your best self. Forever Business Owners work with
friends and colleagues, people you choose to work with,
and finally you decide, how much you wanna earn?
You have the products support and system you need to transform
your efforts into substantial profits and nearly limitless growth. You’re plugging into a
Proven System of Success both locally and globally.
Network marketing is an effective business model that uses the power of personal
recommendations to sell products. Companies that use this model
of sales and distribution move billions of dollars
of product each year. Let’s look at some other reasons, why you
should choose Forever to build your Network Marketing Business? Forever Living Products
was founded in 1978, it was started by a man with an
incredible vision, a man named Rex Maughan. His vision was to enhance the health and
well-being of millions of people the natural way using a miraculous plant
the Aloe Vera plant, and to create a company that could give
ordinary people the opportunity to live extraordinary lives. He didn’t do it alone, he was wise enough
to build a talented team of some of the brightest most
talented people around serving at the global headquarters in
Scottsdale Arizona and in country offices throughout the world. The next generation of leaders seeing
even brighter future ahead. We are the World’s Largest
Aloe Vera Company. In 1978 few had even heard of Aloe Vera, at that time there was no stable
reliable way of getting Aloe to market Forever revolutionize the industry
through a patented stabilization process that makes Aloe storable, shippable
and available worldwide. Well Forever began in a single country
The United States. We currently operate successfully in
over 155 countries we’re on every continent
a truly global enterprise. Forever has a long history
of financial stability. We own most of our offices, all of our
farms factories and distribution hubs Forever has enjoyed
strong growth since 1978 without incurring any meaningful debt,
while other companies failed during the recent global financial difficulties Forever has remain
strong and independent. Forever is more than simply
a financially successful company. Forever stands behind the charitable
foundation Forever Giving that has helped thousands around the
world with educational resources, disaster relief, support for the disabled
and many other worthy causes. Forever Giving as always looking for
ways to do for others what they cannot do for themselves, but it’s not just the company that cares
for others, individual Forever Business Owners make
a positive impact throughout the world. I help in running a school. These children are from very
unprivileged sections of the society. There are about 20 Thousand people living in a small area and these children are really helpless, their parents hardly have anything, so they cannot
support their children in any way I want to basically help the children so that they can
come up in life. I think Like children want
food and education, adults need security of health and wealth in life.
Through Forever Business I am very happy that I am able to help these people through education food and whichever way I can. and I am really glad that I choose Forever, I am proud of it. It has changed my life completely and I am able to help these people to do better and go to
a higher place in life. I am Sunil Gupta. I believe in the power of education,
the power of love, I believe in the power of Forever.
I am a Sapphire Manager and I am Forever. Sunil is one of the thousands of
Forever Business Owners throughout the world who give of themselves their time, their finances, their passion
for helping others with food clothing schools libraries and on and on. Great People Doing Great Things Forever is also very
environmentally responsible, we are certified by the International
Aloe Science Council for safe and natural growing, processing and
manufacturing practices. Forever is also certified cruelty-free by
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as it does not do any animal testing on
its broad line of natural products. Since 1978 there’ve been booms
and there’ve been busts Forever has survived and thrived
getting stronger each year. Forever is a stable secure place
to build your business. Next what is that we do here at Forever
to create such growth and stability not only do we grow our own Aloe Vera
we own the ground, the irrigation equipment,
the tractors and the trucks We have farms in Texas and the Dominican Republic thousands of acres of Aloe Vera
as far as the eye can see. We also own and control all the processing
and manufacturing of our products we do this to ensure a consistent supply
of the world’s finest Aloe Vera We also own our own research and
development capability as well. Our scientists are certified in the
latest technologies and methods. Nobody puts more care and
attention to quality than Forever. I am Jim bogus Manufacturing Manager
for Aloe Vera of America I am responsible for the compounding &
blending of the products as well as Packaging. We work together with engineering
companies to design this custom packaging and blending equipment and it was a five-and-a-half to six
million dollars of investment Forever Living Products is willing to
make such a size of an investment because they want to be here
for the next 30 years they want to be here for the next 100 years
making the highest quality, safest, most efficient product possible. Our Distributors can be confident that we have the highest
state-of-the-art equipment for their products FLP is Going to Redefine The Industry. As what we’re doing it right now,
we’re always been for so we will succeed Our labs and manufacturing facilities
are state-of-the-art. Most other network marketing companies
can’t afford this capability and use third party companies
to make their products Forever is different, we control our
products from the soil to delivery to you. A difference you can taste and feel,
a difference you can trust. Now let’s take a quick look
at some of the large markets in which Forever has chosen
to compete throughout the world We produce incredible skin
and personal care products everyone uses everyday, Tooth Gel, Soaps, Lotions, Creams and a Full Line up Makeup. This is a massive opportunity for Forever
Business Owners the global market for Weight Management Products is predicted to be 586 billion
dollars in 2015 Forever has amazing products to help
people manage their weight products like our C9 and F.I.T 1 and 2
product packs that combine the right combination of products along with nutritional
and exercise guidance. Let’s take a look at Clean 9, Clean9 helps you look and feel
better in only nine days and at less than a hundred dollars
retail it’s a simple way to get started without hurting your wallet. The benefits of clean 9 include the
elimination of stored toxins which can keep you from absorbing the
highest quality of nutrients from your food. The program will teach you
how to reset bad food habits leaving you looking better
and feelingmore energized. This is one of our most effective business builder products and it’s great for introducing our
products and the Forever opportunity to others. Forever also has a nutritional
supplement product line that is both wide and deep from daily vitamins for adults and kids
to specific supplements for specific nutritional needs, for anyone who is looking for the
highest quality nutritional program to support their daily health Vital5 is the right choice after
completing Clean9 made up of five essential Forever
products Vital5 helps to support many systems in the body while providing a
solid foundation of advanced nutrition. Vital5 is core nutrition that everyone
needs every day and can be accelerated with other
Forever products to meet your specific needs. Vital5 is for everyone every month. There are three paths to becoming a
successful Forever Business Owner the first path is to use the products
and share them with others this is essentially a retail business
your second option is to begin building a small team of people like you who are looking for something extra in
life people who will both the use and share the products and find others who
will do the same. Finally as you gain team members who
begin building large teams you become a Business Developer helping
others to do as you have done. Let’s go back and look at each of these steps
in more detail first your business starts with gaining
personal experience in making recommendations to others in other words developing a retail
business ninety percent of us are not sales people we simply use the products and recommend
them to others many distributors never have more than
15 to 20 customers Typically with this type of business one
can earn between 250 and 400 dollars per month. While that may not pay the mortgage it
can take some pressure off the monthly household budget. The next step is to build a small team
as you recommend the product to others you’ll find that some other customers
have the same motivations as you as you build a small team of
15 to 25 individuals each with their own customers each
building their own teams you can expect to earn between a
1000to 2500 dollars per month for most of us that will pay the
mortgage for most of us that will make a major difference in our monthly budget Finally you’re able to build
a large team. Introducing the Forever Opportunity to
others who will do the same over and over again you’re consistent
effort over time will produce remarkable and life-changing results. When you’ve taken this step things
really start to get exciting not only are you making serious money
but you qualify for a variety of bonuses and incentives as well such as: The Chairman’s Bonus Forever’s
Annual Global Performance Bonus a bonus in addition to your regular
monthly income last year’s top performer earned a check for 1.3 million dollars
Forever pays out large sums to hundreds of people like you 22 million last year alone paid to
people who keep up their activity and do what works over and over again
our best performers also happen to be those who have the
most fun at what they do another popular incentive is our
Earned Income Incentive which we also call Forever2Drive,
you can earn up to 9600 dollars per year to use however you wish most use it to
pay for the car of their dreams it’s the incentive that also works for
you a daily reminder of what members of your
team can achieve if they work hard like you do. Another great incentive is Global
Travel there are two trips per year available
to everyone who achieves the incentive criteria last year was London and Lake Tahoe this
year its Singapore and Cancun next year who knows all-expenses-paid including spending money. Thousands of
Forever Business Owners will be there and you can be there too. There are also
further advantages of being part of Forever You live the lifestyle of the self-employed
without having to worry about the many challenges that come with owning a
brick-and-mortar business you can leave a willable income to
whomever you choose long after you’ve lived a long fulfilling life, a large growing Forever Business with hundreds or even thousands
a team members produce a monthly income stream that
flows every hour of every day. Does all this seem too good to be true?
This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s hard work make no mistake
successful Forever Business Owners have worked long and hard you do have to dream big you do have to
have a positive attitude learn from those around you this is a
social business the more time you spend with people the
more successful you’ll be be bold many will say no a few will say
yes don’t become discouraged enjoy the
products recommend them to others if you’re consistent in time you’ll be
successful There are moments in all of our lives
that can change us Forever For millions of people one of those
moments was hearing a presentation like this and deciding to give it a shot.
You can change your life and you don’t have to do it alone
millions of people around the world have changed their lives by becoming a part
of the Forever family. A wise man once said decisions determine
destiny you now have the opportunity to make a
decision that can determine your destiny and the
destiny of those you love, you can decide to
get started. To get started order your first products
and experience how they work in your life also you can start learning more about
Forever to get answers to your questions and
learn more about how to change your life through building up Forever Business. Thank you for your kind attention.
Talk to the person who share this presentation with you to learn more about how you can make a
major positive change in your life with Forever

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