Why H Alexander Hired a Professional For His Digital Marketing Campaign!
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Why H Alexander Hired a Professional For His Digital Marketing Campaign!

– My name is H Alexander. I’ve been in the income tax
industry for 10 years now, and I currently operate Six Axle. We’ve done several things. Mostly in a guerilla type marketing, direct to consumer. I’m in a pretty heavy foot traffic area, so we do a lot of flyering right there in front of the locations, some direct mail stuff, and some text messaging stuff. (slow heavy musical beats) The first, I want to
say year, that I tried to do some media marketing
on my own, it collapsed. You’re like, all right,
next year, you put it in the back of your mind that, next year, I’m going to find me a
professional to help me with this. (laughs) It definitely happens. (slow heavy musical beats) It was a tremendous, the
amount of leads that came, and I think that I probably
ended out the season with something like six
or seven hundred leads, or something like that? And I converted like 20% of those. And my part of it definitely helped. You have to do your part of it. Your job is to get me
the leads, which you do. Your job is to get me to the interaction with these customers, which you did. I think you exceeded my expectations. Far exceeded, I would say. (slow heavy musical beats) Yeah, so, I did run my team through, I ran them through what
it looked like last year, and I ran them through some
of the materials that you had. The training materials you had in our portal that you created for us. I told them what our expectations was. Everybody has their own managing style. My managing style is, I tell people what I paid for something because oftentimes when someone don’t, You got to figure, you hired someone, you’re paying them 15,
16, 17 dollars an hour. In their mind, they
don’t understand the cost of this campaign. So I tell them. This is why I’m spending X, Y, and Z. I’m expecting this results. So, you couple that with the training that you have in the
portal, and now it gives, And if you hired the right person, they actually will care
about what you told them and what you trained them,
and those two things together will lead to success of this program. (slow heavy musical beats) Absolutely. For many reasons. I’m not saying that just because Ball Deep is a
friend of mine. (laughs) This is the way our people interact now. This is the way how people like to be, like to be spoken to. That’s the conversation
you like to have now. They like to, no one wants to, on that initial solicitation, they prefer to be registered online because they feel like it’s
happening on their terms and they want it, versus
you shoving something in front of their face or you calling them out the
blue or something like that. It’s happening on their terms. They feel comfortable about
it, and it’s intricate. And unless you’re going to spend the time and if, it’s like, you so choose to, buy Ball Deep Sports and figure
out how to do it yourself. I personally, as a business
owner, as an entrepreneur, I think, real business people
know when to outsource stuff and when to do it themselves. If you have the time and the energy to do it yourself, great. But, if you really, truly
want to have success on a grand scale, you pay
a professional to do it. Ball Deep’s operation is top notch. (slow heavy musical beats)

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