Why I Do NOT Monetize Videos (My CRAZY YouTube Marketing Strategy)
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Why I Do NOT Monetize Videos (My CRAZY YouTube Marketing Strategy)

– You’re watching this video. You’ve seen probably a
lot of my YouTube videos, my Facebook videos, and no,
not because I’m popular, but moreso, I’m targeting you, right? I target the same people, same fans. If you subscribe to my page, you’re always gonna see my
stuff, or hopefully you do, and I hope it provides value for you. If not, leave a comment, let me know why, and I really genuinely
will try to improve. You can be as blunt as possible. I don’t mind negative feedback. I embrace it. But if you look at my videos, you’ll notice one simple thing. I don’t monetize them. I don’t tell you to go to my website. I don’t put a ad on there. I’m not monetizing through Facebook ads, Google ads, or YouTube ads, even promotions, I get companies
hitting me up all the time saying, if you mention me,
and showcase X, Y and Z, I’ll give you Y dollars, I’ll be like, no. If I like your product and it
provides value to my users, to the listeners, to
you, I will mention it and I’ll mention it
for free, if I like it. Most cases, I don’t, because I don’t think
it’s gonna provide value. People are just trying to sell you stuff and I don’t like that. But the reason I don’t monetize is, I believe if I do what’s best for you, indirectly, somehow, I’m gonna make money. And I know that may seem
like a really crazy, strategy or concept,
especially for someone who’s analytical like me, created multiple analytics
companies, very data driven, but I genuinely believe if
I do what’s best for you and help you out, and not try to just throw other products or services or even my own
company down your throat, I barely mention my own
businesses on my own videos. It’s because I don’t care to. I just want to genuinely help you. If I help you, I don’t monetize, indirectly, one way or another, I think it’ll come back, and if it doesn’t, you know what? At least you and I had an amazing time helping each other out, and who cares if we don’t
make money doing it? And that’s my strategy
when it comes to marketing. I do what’s best for people first. I don’t try to monetize first. I don’t try to go put ads in my content. I don’t go and try to
promote other products because I’m getting paid for them. I’ll do it if it only benefits you, and I will never accept
a affiliate commission or a dollar from that kind of stuff. Yes, I’ve tested out creating pages with affiliate commissions, but I don’t like doing that stuff. It doesn’t make that much money, and I’ve been at positions
where I could get it to make 30, 40, 50 grand a
month, but it’s just not me. You should do what
you’re comfortable with. If you want to monetize
directly and that’s you, by all means, go and do it. But the reason I don’t do
it is because I believe you help people self,
without being selfish, a tongue twister there. Today I’ve created like 20 videos. But nonetheless, if you do selflessness, and you don’t care about monetizing, and you put other people
first, I believe karma, in karma, and it’ll all come back and benefit you in the long run as well.

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100 thoughts on “Why I Do NOT Monetize Videos (My CRAZY YouTube Marketing Strategy)

  1. Hi neil,
    Good video
    I have this doubt since a long time. In websites like cpa and if i insert the ad code of cpa in my website and if any customer buys a product and is not satisfied with it. Can he/she blame my website for the loss incurred?(my website contains terms and conditions that iam not responsible for affiliate links) Or is the website which promoted its product in my website responsible for the loss?

  2. Buts what wrong in monetization do it and if you don't want donate it to charity I know you would taught about that please share your thoughts about it

  3. Hey Neil!

    I'm just starting out in blogging. I am not very good at design. Do you recommend going for an awesome design since beginning? Should I learn it?

  4. It's Hard to find People like You in YouTube who doesn't monetize Videos where People even makes video just to promote their Sponsor. Kudos to Niel

  5. Hello Neil, As you always say "Build A Brand" and surely you are sticking to it by 100%.But, sometime little promotion (Adsense/Affiliate Marketing) is good, at least for a beginner who end up due to lack to fund.
    Even small Money they are receiving very month, motivate them to continue with the work and bring it to large scale.

  6. some call it karma, others call it building an awesome personal brand. You don't even need to monetize these videos because people will seek you out wanting to give you their money for your services.

  7. Hi Neil, I have a question, if you disable "monetize system" on your youtube channel, Will youtube decrease your channel's reach?

  8. I like your thoughts. I also believe in it. One more thing.. is it possible to get subtitles in Hindi? If you will use it in your videos, you will get more subscribers from India.

  9. You are so Awesome Neil! I love the way you think! My channel is growing and I’ve already decided I will not monetize with ads… your audience is the most valuable thing you have and giving value and trusting you’re creating content for the greater good will simply work itself out! Thank you for all the value you share. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  10. Thank you so much Neil. I always wondered why but had an idea. I'm yet to start up a blog and you have helped me so much. I am forever grateful.

  11. Hey Niel!
    I've been a subscriber since AGES! Can't express your awesomeness..
    Anyways, do you need a Logo for your brand? I cam create you one..
    Hit me back if interested 🙂

  12. Hey Neil! Which one to choose if i'm a beginner but know the basics and a little experience. Abobe premiere pro or Sony vegas pro ?

  13. In time i did realized the same. If your services/product provide values and really solves people's, you do not have to stick a bill to everywhere..
    It'll find its way out.. 🙂

    Edit : Can you point to the things which thank-you/welcome page must have when the user makes purchase ? And what things they should know before making that purchase ?

    By the way ! You're great Neil ! 👌😉

  14. Really appreciated and admire your work.

    One more opinion to this topic via my perspective which I also did the same thing through my clinic channel.

    Good channel like Neil Patel is like an easy aim target which I believe that if the competitor want to get a long with you is so easy if Monetize.

    With this strategy they will not be able to have a single chance to buy any kind of ads through as it has been block out since the beginning.

    Which in return brings value of happiness to subscriber to be able to watch a great content with out ads disturbing.

  15. Hey Neil!

    I have a brand new website and have already published some info articles targeting low competitive keywords by reverse engeneering my competitors.

    Then i stumbled upon topic cluster, shall i start writing this kind of pillar pages even if my website is brand new ?

    If so, the subcategories (cluster) in the pillar page should target low competitive keywords or it doesn't matter? Last thing my link building effort should target mainly these pillar pages or i continue building links to my normal articles or both?

    Thanks in advance,

  16. Dear Neil, I really like your content and I learned already a lot from it. Thank you! If you would have a training in internet marketing, about how to build up your business maybe even with a support group attached, I would by it for sure. My wife is a professional horse trainer and we started blogging about it, the result were more customer. There is only one problem: to reach break even we would need train horses all day long and it would be still not enough because the costs are so high and the price for horse training very low. So inspired by you and others we develop now info products we can sell and we can scale. I really don't see how we can give everything away for free and still make the money we need to cover the costs and earn something. Do you have any thoughts for us?

  17. Great Video Neil. I wanna start a website with Hosting Affiliation, but I do care about comparing Web Hostings the right away and let users easily decide which one if the best for them. Is that a Good thing to start? What do you think?

  18. One of the best advises for anyone who wants to create an online business, first help and business will come later.

  19. Damn, Neil. You are always going above and beyond what is required of you… If all I can do is like, share, and comment in this video to help you. I will do it everytime… Man, thanks a million times from us here in the Philippines

  20. Hello, Sir, we started a Company 1 month ago in my city Its an e-commerce company and we are struggling in the marketing of our company and sir we are total 5 members in team 2 delivery boy and 3 people to manage other things should we hire more people for marketing and sales or we should go for organic digital marketing.

  21. Love your videos. If you were starting over which internet business would you start in order to be able monetize the quickest and also at the same time add massive value to people. What steps would you take? How long would it take to make your first dollar?

  22. Hello dear Neil sir I am from india 17 yrs old and I am not able to understand from where to start or what to do in future may be marketing or business ,job i don't know I am just trying to learn you grant cardon sir, Gary veee sir plz tell me what I can do within investment of 70$😢 this is the maximum i could do it mt father is driver so plz suggest me

  23. Great video Neil! You talk a lot about creating great infographics. I tried tools like Canva and piktochart but my infographics always look subpar.

    How can i learn to be a great infographic designer?

  24. Hey Neil
    I got ranked for a kW bt the article I written for completely a spinned one. When I read it I know I m not giving my readers value. Bt its the first kw which ranked luckily from my site. What do u think i shud esit n completely change the post or leave it the same. What abt writing another one with same topic and same answer bt in elongated format??

  25. Teacher!! If i want to do affiliate marketing on youtube and SNS, JUST should I do only to describe disclosure??? Right?

  26. Great, insightful videos. Tell me how important is it to tie your PPC campaigns with your SEO? We do very well in the PPC in our market, but is it equally important to match a solid SEO strategy alongside our paid campaigns?

  27. Hi Neil, I have a question if I comment on other websites with my website link, but the owner of the website put my comment as spam or delete it, is it decrease my ranking on google?

  28. Hey Neil how are you ! your vids are very nice and helpful , thanks for it ! and i am working on dating app (developing it , basically am not A DEVELOPER OR a Computer Guy) can you tell me how to go with marketing am not a big company , just starting as 2 people , and also tell us how and where to look for investor, (can you make a video on it ?)

  29. Thanks for putting videos like these out, Neil. I also like that you include the mess-ups in your speech, it's a great reminder that you don't have to put out perfect content all the time. What's most important is getting your message out there. Keep up the great work!

  30. wow in this day and age, I was a service manager once upon a time and we always focused on the customers we had, never really monitored anything, New manager comes in above me, starts measuring everything, now how many complaints you had in the last 12 months, err 1 i think, where the paperwork, there isnt any . What about the last 5 years, 1 complaint thats it we focus ensuring the customer has everything he needs and if they are unhappy we deal with it before it becomes a complaint. So then we become that busy documenting every phone call and justifying everything in meetings that we no longer have time to deal with stuff.. Yes you guessed it the complaints in the next 12 months were 10X what we had in the last ten years ,, Hence why I freelance now , Great attitude Neil

  31. Thank Neil, We are thankful for your knowledge. It helps me in my job. I learn a lot from you. You are the authority in online marketing. I quote you all of the time! Thank you for the help. It will and does come back to you over and over again. Thanks again.

  32. Neil what is you recommendation about to get success in an affiliate blog or website. Do I have focus in review products, publish it like e-commerce or what another method can use?

  33. Hey Neil!

    How do I build my personal brand through mu blog as a blockchain developer?

    I have watched your videos and have seen that posting videos on LinkedIn will help me to get attention from the right employers. But I don't have the budget to make great videos like the videos that I would like to watch.

    I watch your videos. They are of pretty high quality. And I know that I cannot afford to make those.

    If I even record a video it would be in my room where I sleep and also work. And the background would be a door with a pull up bar.

    It would really be a boring background. I purchased a domain matching my name sadmanishrak(dot)com. Got influenced by you.

    But now I am lost. Blockchain is a completely new space. And I want to get ahead in this field now.

    I also wanna get some word through UpWork. Please help.

    Please understand that I don't have the budget to make fancy marketing materials.

    Thank you for helping out as always, Neil. You are awesome.

  34. I don’t Monetise my videos too. Not even my website.

    I came here for SEO.
    And honestly i have no idea about SEO. It’s going bounce over the head. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  35. You don't need to monetize, because you are the world famous guy…. How you make money online Neil? Have you a SEO Campany?

  36. That video made me feel HORRIBLE for monetizing my website via ads, thanks Neil. After getting around 40k visits a month on my site, I had decided to put ads on the blogs. I guarantee you though, If people were buying my product at the level where I am making 3-5k a month on a consistent level, I honestly wouldn't bother, because I myself hate how the ads look on there… But I haven't heard any complaints since doing that, and I haven't seen a drop in my analytics, time on site, etc… On the blogs, I have it set up where one would see an ad every 3 paragraphs. Before it was every 2, which is the "Normal" setting in MediaVine, but turned it down…

    One thing I am doing now though is NOT doing direct selling through email anymore, well just sending them the content when they sign up via a series. Before after about a week or so, I would ask them to buy and such, but I've stopped doing that.

  37. Finally! Giving with no strings attached sounds effective to me, most effective actually. Love that your putting this out their.

  38. I have the same process as you. May I ask how you do make $? I made a patreon because I have almost 600 videos. Should I just do patreon videos from now on?

  39. Good stuff Neil. For people doing YouTube SEO, do you know if Monitization helps or hinders your organic search results? It seems like YouTube would favor videos with Ads, since they get paid by advertisers.

  40. Hi there! I am thinking about taking ad sense off of my channel and came across your video. I feel that my content and hard work is being profited off from everyone, but myself. I love my channel, my subscribers and creating new videos. I am frustrated at others making all the profit after my hard work and hard earned cash. Your video is the first one I have watched. I will watch a couple other videos and make my decision. Thank you, for this video it has helped!

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