Why I’m Voting Trump 2020 | An Entrepreneur’s Perspective
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Why I’m Voting Trump 2020 | An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

I’m voting Trump, 2020. my name is John
Crestani. I’m an entrepreneur out of California and I’m going to explain why I’m
voting Trump and why you should too. Let’s get it. So, I’m voting Trump
2020 for 3 major reasons and I’m going to… I’m going to detail them out for you.
And I hope you can keep an open mind while listening to me here. But number
one is business, number 2 is global policies. Number 3 is education. You
know, I’m a teacher actually. So, I’ll explain how that kind of factors into
everything then. But number 1 is business. And I believe Trump is making
great deals. Many people look at him and see somebody who is sensationalist or
crass. Or they say, “Oh, he’s using bad words or he’s being politically
incorrect.” But what I’ve got to say to you is it’s all a game, okay? It’s a game.
And it’s called negotiation. And as an entrepreneur, I’m constantly negotiating
deals. I know it’s about leverage. It’s about what one side knows or it’s about…
You know it’s a you always got to trick the other side or at least a little bit
in negotiation. It’s a game of chess. I’m a big chess player. And Trump, with these
international deals he’s doing, he’s playing chess. And keep in mind by the
way, I’m no political… If you’re in the comments hating on me, I am… I don’t know much
about politics. Frankly. I know a little bit. I know a little bit. But I don’t know
a lot. And this is just an average everyday perspective. But I hope for
those of you who have an open mind, who are not immediately going into rebuttals
against everything I’m saying while you’re listening to this, can hear me out
and listen to me, okay? Because I think this is actually very important. So,
that’s number 1. Number 2 is isolationism. And while Trump, you know,
says a lot of things about other countries, from his actions, I don’t see
us really going into any major Wars. I see Trump trying to avoid Wars as much
as possible. I see him doing a lot of things
to really try to stay out of giving other countries money of giving other
countries aid of giving other countries you know, the ability of our army or all
that stuff. And I frankly like that. I think we should be focusing more on this
country, on our country and not be looking at wars or acting as global
peacekeepers or spreading our global capitalist agenda to other countries. Let
other countries be. If African nations want to do what they do, let them do that.
If they don’t… You know, if they’re not investing in health care, big whoop.
That’s their problem. Let their people handle that but we’ll handle what’s over
here. If independent philanthropists like Bill Gates want to give money to Africa,
great. But you know, that’s not our problem. I’m just saying Africa as kind
of a you know, as a… You know, nothing against Africa is a representation of
whatever. You know, I don’t know all the issues but I know that we should be
keeping our money for ourselves because I already pay way too many taxes and
that brings me into number 3. Which is education. I believe education. I’m a
teacher, okay? I’m an online teacher. But the difference between me and other
teachers is I teach for free on YouTube. I put out content every day on YouTube.
And I’m actually in the top 1% of the US population of income earners. I might
even be in the top 0.1%. I don’t even know. I haven’t looked lately. But
point being, I do pretty well and you know, I see the transition of our youth
moving more and more and more out of the traditional education system which sucks
you into debt. Which they don’t get to choose their curriculums. You know, all
this crazy stuff I believe it’s brainwashing. I believe it’s societal
brainwashing. And Trump’s policies of being able to you know help people
choose schools and also the fact that he’s playing hardball with these
colleges and saying, “Hey, I’m not scared to take funding away from you because
the government supports a lot of our education system right now. And I
it is the most… It is the biggest part of our economy of our society that is
messed up.” Now, as a teacher myself, I am teaching people and I have to fight for
every single minute of my students attention spans. I’m teaching on YouTube
and I have courses that cost one twentieth of the cost of a traditional
college education but my students say deliver 20 times the value of what
they learned in college. I am an independent educator and Trump gave
massive tax breaks last year 20% tax breaks last year to people
in the education space which I am very thankful of. And I was able to save a lot
of money. Actually it ended up being my tax refund ended up being hundreds of
thousands of dollars into my bank account. I actually just to illustrate my
point. I loaded up a gun and I want to say thank you Trump for the massive tax
breaks. Thank you for not playing by the politically correct rules that I will
get in the haters comments down below. And I’m being outright. I’m being
transparent on being verbal and I’m saying vote Trump 2020. I believe it’s
fighting for our country. Our economy is getting better. Our education system is
getting better and our society and our youth hopefully are getting better. So,
let the hate begin. If you don’t like this video, click off. Go to the next
video. But if you identified with this, let me know your thoughts in the
comments. And actually, if you’re a major YouTube or watching this, I love to
debate you. So, I will love anybody who has a large following on YouTube. I would
love to do a livestream debate with anybody about any issue. I’ll put it out
there. But a moderated debate. We need a moderator and I will take you down. So,
let’s go. Let’s have fun and comment below. I’d love to read your thoughts.
Have a good day.

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100 thoughts on “Why I’m Voting Trump 2020 | An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

  1. People are childish to say your going to unsub because John crestani belief is not yours smh I don’t like Trump tactics however I see some of your points. I vote independent but either way the electoral vote will decide who’s the next president so either way stay educated and prepared.

    BTW John I follow you on so many platforms . I promote your products and even recent gotten 7 leads in RA waiting to see if any qualified whooo hooo! I don’t care who you vote for . Your entitled to your opinion. I’m still going to follow your business model.

  2. You are spot-on, John. People hate on POTUS because they have been successfully brainwashed by colleges and the 92% negative coverage of the "news" media. I DO follow these events (political and world) very closely and there are incredibly positive changes for the US and the world coming in the next few years. For the haters – stop watching the Globalist News media and find other sources for your information.

  3. Hey John. As an independent thinker myself I respect your views whether people hate them or not. You do have free will and should embrace it regardless of opposition from others. As a subscriber I want to thank you for the great content you put out everyday. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. I love & respect you more John today than yesterday 👍🏻 don’t worry about the unsubscribes 😉they were not a true followers anyways! President Trump ALL the Way ❤️

  5. I like your vids and I am not going to unsubscribe you but Trump's character is too toxic for me. Just because Trump is a person who doesn't respect ANYONE who disagrees with him, that doesn't make what you do any less valuable to me. I applaud you for speaking your mind, but Donald Trump cares nothing about those who didn't vote for him. He cares mostly about himself and his base, even though he is the president of ALL Americans. Even those that didn't vote for him. He spreads fear, not hope for the future. At least not for those who didn't vote for him. Anyway, I love your videos. I get a lot of good ideas from them. I look forward to the next one. Keep up the good work, my friend!

  6. I can respect your point of view on the President. I tend to value character and policy as a package deal and unfortunately the is much to be desired on the character side. I will not unsubscribe from your channel because I believe there is value in communication with those who do not agree with you 100% of the time. I am a minority in this country and many things have happened that are difficult for me to ignore and I believe that at times we are unable to connect with others because we live in different worlds and we process things differently. That said I will not be voting trump not just because of his policy but because I believe that it's not just policy that makes a good leader

  7. Those saying "unsubscribe now" are sadly those who will even beat their loved ones for having opposing views. The tolerance is gone these days. P.S. I'm not political.

  8. So funny to see these typical LEFTARDS in the comments acting like pathetic little children by saying they are going to now unsub now because John has his own opinion. Grow up, people!

  9. "I'm not your friend anymore" said the child having a pouty faced. Demands you the be open minded than does just the opposite. LOL

  10. Tottally agree ! Hey if the other side had Hillary with the Republican house and senate NOTHING would have gotten done! Veto Veto Veto…that's All we would have heard. People give too much blame to the President anyway when the Congress is the ones that send him the Laws.
    Supreme court as well is part of it so education is important and testing teachers not a bad idea as they mislead the youth into false history and idiotic redistribution socialism and systems where we are all equally miserable. Overtaxed and no personal responsibility . Liberty demands personal responsibility not government rations for "our own good."

  11. This video was a very bad idea John. Until today, I've had great respect for you. Race, religion and politics are subjects you share with your family and your close friends. Not on a public forum like this. Just because we are your subscribers doesn't mean we are all going to share your political views. Anyone who endorses a blatant racist like Trump, is a racist. There's no escaping that. Labelling people who disagree with your politics 'haters' is a cop out! Because I, as a Black man disagrees with someone who supports a rabid racist, doesn't make me a 'hater'. The supporter of the racist is the hater. Good luck with your millions John. Goodbye!!

  12. John why don't you reach out to Joe Rogan and have him host it. He could be your moderator and has a huge audience. You both reside in sunny CA. Just a thought.

  13. John u r totally right…. if my people in my country hear me agreed you they will kill me😀😀.
    But the truth is that trump is working for the goog of usa and he's an unique businessman.

  14. I'm totally alighned with your info and teaching….I so agree with you!!!! Thank you for YOU!!! AWESOME. I am a fast learner but I feel like an idiot trying to do online work right now. I'm alighned for this tho abd my life is taylored for it. I'm having a slow rough start …but I am good at getting followers anyway. Gifted and all in!!

  15. Trump couldn’t play Draughts, never mind Chess. Probably can’t spell both words, either 🤪 I like your channel though, and agree with lots you say, but will have to agree to disagree on Trump

  16. With you, John. The percent of poor in the USA is lowest since the Great Depression decades ago. The current crop of competitors will kill employment with their policies, make everyone poorer and crush the medical industry while they're lining their pockets with $$$ from their donors. Thanks for having the courage to speak out.

  17. no problems with 'republican classic'… trump on the other hand… he makes you americans look like a bad episode of Jerry Springer. Go get someone serious to run your country again, don't care which party.

  18. Trump isn't perfect, but a lot of people don't see the big picture. Yes, he's a typical rich jerk, but we don't care about that; what matters is what he is getting done. He's doing better than anyone thought he would do though. I think that drives his opposition even more crazy. You can support someone & not like them personally. It's not about feelings; it's about the longevity of the United States.

  19. So my question is if Andrew Yang is the same on those policies you wish to have but he's running on the democratic ticket, why not vote for him then?

  20. Personally I’m not into politics or believe a politician like Trump has any big impact in our lives, but of course as entrepreneurs we have advantages with his administration.

  21. Things I dislike about the left:
    1. they don't source their claims and are irrational
    ex: nuclear energy is the cause of global warming
    (Look at Germany and France and tell me which has less of a carbon footprint, One has "green energy" one has nuclear")
    2. I'm HEAVILY pro-life and pro-gun rights
    3. (Idk if the sjw's are tied with the left but this also being up a few more things like 1. I never get to choose the parents, skin color, class of salary born in, if i was male or female, or where I was born. 2. I honestly find this comical because all the negative press against trump was what got him elected. Similar stature with chick-fil-a. 3. It pisses me off to no end that the sjw's start spewing nonsense in some of my favorite movies, and cry until they get their way which in turn leads to tokenism.

  22. I’ll be honest, I’m not too big into politics myself.

    But for those of you who are saying you will unsub from this channel, why does his opinion matter to you so much?

    Why get so emotional over someone elses viewpoint?

    Sure, I can see why some might say that politics should be left out of this channel.

    But come on, it’s one video of him sharing his personal view points!

    You guys are way too sensitive 😂

  23. I am 100% with you ! I’m a big fan of Trump even before his presidency. His apprentice show really impress me . He is the man have vision , acknowledge, guts , strategy, so many many that I wish I could have

  24. I admire your bravery. While knowing that some people will abandon your channel, you come forward and you are not afraid to speak out. Your credibility with me just skyrocketed.

  25. My name is Daniel Michael Tetreault, and I authorize this message: "In 2019, I am voting for Donald Trump!" … And I am Canadian! LOL! 🙂

  26. I'm with you 💯% he is a true leader and he has the balls to say how it is and doesn't care what anyone thinks that is the way a president should act and not apologize because he may have offended someone.

  27. I agree with these things and I like these things but I think politics shouldn't be just about business. But I definitely agree with you these things are good. But I Won't be voting for him For these other reasons. Thank you for what you do.

  28. I can understand why you would vote for him – at your income level. good for you. anyway i enjoy your videos – i don't agree with you on this one though.

  29. Only stupid human slaves voting on election what is hidden selection from the elite, any election is already done before the new president is coming. all elections are rigged, not only in the USA but all over this flat earth plane. When you try to laugh, you are a Asshole and don't nothing about truth

  30. Trump is good for entrepreneurs but he is bad for all others lol . that's just my opinion.
    btw you should keep your political views away from your followers . (we don't really need to hear it).

  31. Reliable psychics with track record hits say Trump will win again. Thumbs up ! Trump is for Bitcoin adoption ! Trump is doing the right thing for the American people. Taking the red pill for true change.

  32. I believe you can and should vote 4 who you want to but with the way the world thinks today you can't speak the truth without hate.

  33. John, as you said, you don’t follow politics all that much so from someone that does, you’re wrong. I appreciate your educational content, though.

  34. Cuz you not a dummy…commycrat…Go Trump 2020!!!!! And you will not get a decent debate because the brain washed dont have any facts…just emotional programming from either being on the plantation or from drinking the msm koolaide…..

  35. You struck a nerve with this video! I doubt i will vote Trump but I think you're correct about taxes and hope you're right about the country getting better

  36. I think you need to listen to THE REST OF THE WORLD when it comes to how the world economy is going as a result to the cancer Trump is putting on the world. The world economy effects the US too. Look at what is going on. You in the top 1% income earners got huge tax break. Poor people hmmm no tax break. Rich get richer poor get poorer. Thats third world economy dynamics. Think about it. Of course you vote Trump. He bought your vote wity huge tax break…

    Still love you man, but its a selfish vote you make and you can afford not be selfish. Of course the hard part will be finding someone who IS decent to vote for …'no matter how you look at it you lose' oh unless you are in the top 1% …

    And why do i care? Im not even American. Because my country's economy is 'in unprecedented territory' due to trumps effect on international trade…

    Thanks for sharing your views. Its healthy for people to openly discuss this stuff.

  37. You liberals are wasting your time watching this channel anyway. It's not like you'll do anything with the information. It takes hard work and lazer focus. You're distracted by every pink pussy hat that strolls by.

  38. So I did almost unsub especially as a black man in America but money doesn't see color Entrepreneurship doesn't have a color so although my people will not be happy with me. I 100% see your point. Although my wife wont let me purchase your course now. I will have to do it without her knowing. Great content but let's stay away from the political stuff

  39. john john john why man !!!!!!! You really don't know trump back in the days in the 80 's he is a criminal and a fraud does not pay his taxes he owes taxes almost 55 million in taxes . I think you are a good guy and i love your videos and i will not unsubscibe because your video help me get in to marketing advertisement. Yes you have the right to speak or vote who ever you desire . So keep the politics out of your school okay keep teaching us . BOOM

  40. Wow! You're a teacher and you're not a socialist??? Here in the UK it's almost a prerequisite to be a socialist or a communist to be accepted into any form of academia above pre-school!!!!

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