Why marketing is important for customers that don’t need you
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Why marketing is important for customers that don’t need you

Hi, this is Loren Weisman. One more thing to add to your editorial calendar, something you may not even be touching on,
but is a good idea to grab ahold of… (Alright. that was a little cheesy.) Marketing with your content to people that
don’t need you. To you real estate agents; people that have
maybe already bought a home from you or don’t need a home… These are still people to market to. To the people that have a book out, Maybe they’ve already bought the book. Maybe they have no interest in your topic
and these are people to continue to market to. A lot of people put so much focus and the
bulk of the focus on push, push, push. You’ve gotta buy this! You’ve got to work with me! What if we don’t need you? Now here’s the other side of it, by creating content, engaging vicariously
connecting, non selling content, for a good portion of the time, now, you will see an engagement from a bunch
of people that are going to enjoy you. If you’re a plumber, there are lots of things
to talk about beyond just your service list, what you can do, the emergency elements, all
of that. You can talk about other things that people
might follow you, that don’t need a plumber, but they do want to be engaged with your content. In turn, when they need someone,
as opposed to the pitch, as opposed to the sell,
as opposed to all the ads you’ve engrained yourself with them… So, now they’re like I need a plumber! Oh, you know this guy. I watch his funny video or he talked about
this, or you had a quote about that, or he had a blog about this,
Yeah, there’s some stuff in between, but I stayed in touch with him. That is a great long-term endurance engagement
way to approach new customers. Don’t think about it all as this consistent
sell. Real estate agents, you can talk about so
many things inside of real estate from… not just look at this home,
and look at what we just closed, and we did this and we did that. It can go a little bit further into home maintenance. It can talk about homes and stories that you’ve
had inside and outside of real estate. Funny things in the home products for the
home. Things that are up, out, and about. Now, you’re engaging someone that’s constantly
seeing you in a different light than every other real estate agent that’s inundating
them with… selling specialists! …and you know all the crazy, excessive hype! It’s dialing back. These insane marketing people… These crazy spam email ads… People are reading into it. They’re getting sick of it. So as you stand out with engagement to genuinely
connect and communicate without selling… when those people need to buy there’s a better
chance they will buy from you.

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1 thought on “Why marketing is important for customers that don’t need you

  1. "By creating engaging, vicariously connecting, non-selling content…

    You can build greater engagement from a larger number of people that are going to enjoy you at the moment and remember you when they need what you have to offer. "
    – LW

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