Why Personal Branding Is IMPORTANT For Entrepreneurs
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Why Personal Branding Is IMPORTANT For Entrepreneurs

hey what’s up guys my name is Patrick and I help individuals build powerful personal brands and as today’s video we are going to cover why entrepreneurs should have personal brands so whether you work with someone who can have your own business or you’re looking to start your own business it doesn’t matter who you are everybody has a personal brand by default by design it doesn’t matter who you are we all have a body well we all have an image we all have a brand and it’s the way people perceive you what makes your brand today I’m specifically you’re not going to talk about entrepreneurs and why it’s important for them to have a personal brand of course a few quick reasons why it’s so important is if you have a strong personal brand you can increase you influence you can increase your authority you have more credibility in the market space you can get more media exposure and even if you’re not open or you can get that dream job so without further ado let’s jump into the four points step number one is filling your buckets so as an entrepreneur you obviously have multiple companies or businesses some people only have one to start off with but most other entrepreneurs they move from one company to the next and the way they they market the companies they market each company individually if they have multiple buckets they market but what’s way smarter to do is to actually have your main bucket which is your personal brand fill the bucket and then let it drip into all the other buckets right instead of filling each bucket separately you can have your own bucket and then put all your efforts into the one bucket and it’ll fill all the other ones beneath it so and you can do that with like content marketing whatever your strategy is but that allows you to really focus on your personal brand which is going to give you crazy exposure in the media and and very good credibility in the market space and it’s going to fill all of your buckets which are all of your companies so point number two is personal branding gives you a competitive advantage because nobody is unique like you you have your own personality and nobody is exactly like you are so you can have your competitor can have the same products the same services same rates but because your personal brand is different than his personal brand and you guys have your own vibes to each other that’s going to give you common competitive edge because some people might like you more some people might like him more and if you can if you can send out from from that market space using a personal brand it’s gonna give you a really good competitive edge because nobody is gonna be like you because you are your unique self and nobody can copy your authenticity that you want to portray point number three is you can be big inspiration to a lot of people so let’s say you have four successful companies or even just one successful company you can use that one company to create a case study and you can use it to inspire other entrepreneurs and if done correctly it can be so powerful and empowering to inspire other people and because you are inspiring them they’re gonna want to follow you then when I give you money because you’ve helped them in their lives and I want to give back and if you do that right people want to give you money because people buy from people point number four at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you do people love buying from people that’s why you see some coaches charge a lot of money because their stuff first of all it actually works and second of all that can connect with the other person more than they could connect with someone on the company brand level right because you you have a personal brand you can connect with someone way easier than if you have a company brand so it’s way easier to actually sell someone on your service and products because they see the company they see the brand by talking to you because you are at the brand and if you do that right people want to give you money because people buy from people alright guys that’s it for this video I hope you found some value in this video and as always if you like the content make sure the comment like to subscribe if you want to connect with me on social media the best account for that is it going to be Instagram so my Instagram is going to be in the description down below as well and I’m gonna be pushing out weekly content on personal branding and marketing so be sure to hit the notification bar so your get notification for every new video I publish and yeah that’s pretty much for this video see you guys the next week in the next video bye

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