Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy
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Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Today, social media is becoming a must-have
element in the overall marketing strategy of many companies. More than 90% of marketers use social media
in their campaigns. 77% of fortune 500 companies have active
twitter accounts and 70% of them have active Facebook pages. Regardless of their size,
businesses can utilize social media to communicate with customers about new
products or the launch of a promotion. Unlike traditional marketing methods,
social media allows marketing departments to engage in two-way dialogue
with their customers. Instead of pushing out one-way broadcasts,
organisations are turning to social media to learn about their customers through
meaningful interactions. Moreover, marketing departments are using
social media to build online communities and turn customers into brand ambassadors. This is particularly important for small
businesses, as they often grow their business from small circles of loyal customers. Using multiple platforms like Facebook,
Youtube, Google+ and Twitter, businesses can target niche markets and reach
specific demographics. Social media also increases the
visibility of brands, allowing them to reach untapped markets through the exposure
or virality of their content. When businesses share entertaining lifestyle
content or educational material that resonates with customers, their customers
will share that content with their social networks, increasing brand awareness. An organization’s own employees are some
of the best people to amplify content and support marketing initiatives. Organizations can encourage and empower
employees to amplify key marketing content with their networks allowing them
to showcase their expertise. For example, By resharing new whitepapers
or digital campaigns to their personal social networks, employees can leverage
their personal networks and help increase the exposure of key company content
and support marketing initiatives. Social media can be an extremely effective
tool for brands in managing a PR crisis. It allows them to quickly perform damage
control and provides them with the opportunity to take control
of the story early on. Companies can also proactively
track brand sentiment, allowing them to keep up with what’s being said
about them from around the world. Whether it’s through blog posts,
tweets, or videos, social media enables marketing departments to increase brand
exposure, gain a better understanding of customers and support their broader
marketing campaigns more effectively.

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3 thoughts on “Why Social Media Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

  1. It seem that your certification is recognized by many companies but it is very expensive when you are unemployed ! I guess that you work on this point ?

  2. You didn't put all that work into your company to become a slave to social media. The 80/20 rule applies to the kind of customers you want and don't want. Go after the free thinkers that are pleasant to do business with; those customers who are not part of the new tech cult mentality.

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