Why The Multi Level Marketing Failure Fate Is So High [Forbes Opinion]  | Mike Hobbs
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Why The Multi Level Marketing Failure Fate Is So High [Forbes Opinion] | Mike Hobbs

and I’m excited to share this message
with you guys today so I was actually and I have it pulled up over here I was
actually reading out of where I saw this quote out of the Forbes magazine and and
I’ve always heard this phrase I don’t know if you guys have heard this like
any of you in work marketing or home business or whatever it may be have you
ever heard people say you know like 8 out of 10 people are failing or 90% of
people are failing or you know that thing doesn’t work because everybody’s
failing right that’s the typical excuse of why people you know don’t do a
business ok because they’re like oh there’s so many people who are failing
well guess what Forbes says so like this is not just applying to network
marketing or home business this applies to all businesses so what they said and
I’m quoting them right here is Forbes says 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start
a business or start businesses fail within the first 18 months so isn’t that
crazy so 8 out of 10 this is what Forbes quoted you know 8 out of 10 businesses
all businesses that start a business like a new startup business and we’re
not talking about established ones so they’re not in the statistics because
they’ve they’ve made it right when we’re talking about startup companies 8 out of
10 of them fail in the first 18 months now when I see that and I see statistics
like that does that mean we should all just give up right we should all give up
like Oh 8 out of 10 people fail so I guess we should just not do it right
like what are your guys thoughts on it let me know in the comments I’d love to
hear your guys’s feedback on that but what I see out of that is I look at
statistics especially with business like I look at that like ok so 8 a 10 of
entrepreneurs are failing when they start up a business right there 8 out of
10 entrepreneurs are failing so what are the two doing to succeed like what is
what’s going on in that business that is allowing them to
succeed and if you analyze every single one of those businesses it comes down to
this number one reason why a business fails it’s because they’re not in profit
all right if they’re not in profit that’s the number one reason why a
business will fail because they’re not in profit
now what equals profits like what actually brings profits to a business if
you think about it a profitable business has customers they
have sales there or whatever it may be right they have customers coming in and
buying their products like think about Walmart right they’re profitable why
well because they have millions of transactions every single day and
customers coming in to their business right so that is why they are profitable
all right hey Katy how you doing it actually has like a little button
that says wave that’s interesting I didn’t think so I’m waving I’m waving at
you that’s funny like yeah actually push a
button to wave isn’t that interesting I can’t you just do that I don’t know but
anyway so so eight out of ten are failing so you have to think about to
that what are the two doing that are profitable what are they doing for
profits well they have customers right yeah you can hear me that’s good they
have customers so that’s the key so if you think about it I think all
statistics are kind of just here’s a good one 99% of statistics are not real
all right just kidding but the bottom line is like
statistics I actually don’t think business is a statistic like I actually
don’t think you could put it in the statistic category because like if you
think about if you go to Vegas and you do like blackjack or you know you play
the slots or I don’t know there’s statistics on on how you’re gonna win
right like the the statistics of getting a card you’ll get your win right well in
business it’s not based on statistics it’s not like you start a business
and automatically eight out of ten of them fail that’s not how it works all
right how they fail is they don’t get customers that’s how they fail they
don’t cut they don’t get they don’t fail because of a statistic they fail because
they don’t get customers bottom line all right
so if you know that going into the home business space or whatever space that
you’re trying to build or whatever business because a Forbes says 8 out of
10 all entrepreneurs that start a business fail all right well to me that
means you got to think about what the two are doing to be profitable in their
business which is getting more customers right and figure out how to do that
better right because if you can get more customers and do it better than anybody
else hey Sarah how you doing if you can do that better than anyone else then
guess what you’re not going to fall in that statistic because again business is
not a statistic it is based on customers profits and that nature so with that
being said that like network marketing thing like everyone ninety-nine percent
of people are failing in network marketing or whatever is actually false
because it’s based on what profits all right profits and what our profits
coming from customers so if someone in network marketing is failing it’s
because they’re not bringing in customers to their business bottom line
all right hey Terry how you doing so that’s what that’s what’s going on
they’re just not bringing customers in their business and so in order to be
successful in network marketing you got to bring more what customers right or
distributors or whatever you want to call it sales if you want to call it
sales one one cool breakthrough that I had on the word sales just so you guys
know like a lot of people may be afraid and you may not even start a business
because you think of this word sales as like a negative or a bad word I actually
think if you can reframe it a little bit sailes if you’re especially in your ear
in this industry right sales as all you’re doing is you’re helping like if
you can change it into like like your product and service does that help
people ask yourself that question does your product and service help somebody
else or does it serve somebody else or does it you know
does it bring value to somebody else as a does it help someone and if it does
then that means the more sales you have means the more people you’re helping
okay so if you can if you can attach sales that word sales to helping people
okay if you can attach the word sales to helping people then you’re gonna be a
lot better at making those sales and bringing those customers in because you
know every customer that you bring in leads to you know a better future for
them okay lease for a better future for them so it brings more value to them and
helping them so that’s my quick little message for today you know if you guys
are worried about the whole 8 out of 10 people failing don’t worry about that
because business is not a statistic a business needs customers okay a business
needs customers and that’s how you get profitable so if you are trying to build
a business from home and you want to learn how to generate more leads and
customers then you can go get one of my free trainings on my blog who is Mike
Hobbs com who is Mike Hobbs com just go over there
download the training it’s a checklist of what you should be doing to focus on
in order to generate leads and sales for your business so that’s a free training
100% for you if you want to build your business successfully

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7 thoughts on “Why The Multi Level Marketing Failure Fate Is So High [Forbes Opinion] | Mike Hobbs

  1. I'd love to have a chat with you on FB about this Mike, I've been following you online since I was on your team from the Good ol EN/Prosperity team days. I agree with you on this, The fact that a LACK of customers or The Products not working the right way is a big reason why Business owners fail in Network Marketing. Numbers are def changing though in a positive way for Network Marketing

  2. Yea that makes sense, because most people lack the MINDSET, PREPARATION and internal mental strength to work through the struggles to make PROFIT. Its not the business model, its def the people working the business, great share Mike!

  3. Great Video…Every business needs sales. They also need to cut their overhead. 😃 I thoroughly enjoyed your video. Keep up the good work.

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