Why Video Marketing is the Future | Microsoft, LinkedIn, YouTube | Video Marketing 2018
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Why Video Marketing is the Future | Microsoft, LinkedIn, YouTube | Video Marketing 2018

we’re gonna be amping up on YouTube I’ve got a very talented creative videographer working with me
and it’s an investment you know I’m so used to return on investment in
marketing but the reality is like that’s a very short-sighted point-of-view
like there to get sales in the door to actually build brand and build something
sustainable and worthwhile is an investment where there’s not an
immediate return on investment but I’m convinced that it’s the right thing to
do and the more authentic got to be the more successful it’ll be YouTube owned
by Google massive platform evergreen content you know LinkedIn video as well
is is something that I like because there’s no competition right like
there’s just no competition like you just you can’t help a win-win it’s like
new to a platform right it’s novelty like you’re scrolling through the
newsfeed you don’t see videos pop up you know so course it’s gonna capture
people’s attention which is awesome still not evergreen Pete you find videos
through hashtags but if that video has been viewed in a 50 30 days it
disappears at the moment on LinkedIn but that being said like you don’t not go on
to a plain book because of that because things are evolving all the time like
LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft now you know like there’s the amount of changes
that are algorithm updates they’ve made in the last 12 months this huge that
this they’ve been maced phenomenal improvement so if you’re not on the
platform you must be starting from scratch when you know or something they
do have a video library or evergreen content who knows like the internet is
changing so fast that even marketers can keep up with it let alone businesses
it’s just getting faster and faster fighting like record a video post it
straight away as fast as well and think of to be able to communicate an idea to
my audience so when you get the opportunity to make other entrepreneurs
feel comfortable talking about it and sharing then you know it’s really cool
to be able to do that I learned how to do it like live in front of an audience
even but doing it in front of like a camera like I am now is very new to me
so stinking said area where I’ve got a lot of
to grow so I’m really excited about it it’s a big challenge and should be a lot
of fun… 🙂

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