Why Women Rule the Network Marketing Profession – 2017 Episode #17
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Why Women Rule the Network Marketing Profession – 2017 Episode #17

Today I want to talk about very
important demographic that not many people are paying attention to and in
my opinion it’s a big mistake and I want to talk about women. You heard Eric say
that 77 percent of distributors in the United States are women. Globally this
number is 76 percent. Give y yourself a round of applause please.
Women you are very powerful nature force, but there are some myths about women and one
of them is we have capable of building big network. All we can do is just to
sign up couple customers and sell few products. Which is very important by the
way. Second myth is we are not capable of leading big organizations. All we can do
is just to play a little supportive role. You know, it’s kind of like a little
hobby on the side. We can play a little game and we can just do a little bit of
something, but we are not capable of leading and building big organizations.
And myth number three is we are not capable of creating a true wealth. All we
can do is just to earn insignificant income and I want to tell you none of
them is true and let me tell you why. What is one of the key concepts for
building successful Network Marketing business? Meeting people, talking to
people, building the relationship with all these people. And who is better than
women and doing all of this. We can strike a conversation just like that. Donna,
where is Donna? Donna Johnson, I love your shoes by the way. Yesterday on stage
those red shoes, they are the killer and some of you. I love your
hair it’s gorgeous. I love it and when you see somebody and it’s an honest compliment and just any women or anyone to say oh I love your son or your
daughter. They are so adorable and in two seconds you can strike a
conversation and few minutes in, you can have a new friend. Is it true or not true?
True. We are really good at this. Women are amazing
at developing, maintaining, and growing relationships but this is the key part
of building huge networks. So let’s think about myth number two. We cannot lead.
Women are giving birth and raising future generations. Women are leading
countries and the entire companies. The global fortune 500 giants like
General Motors, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and Pepsi Co ran by women. They have women
CEOs and you telling me that we cannot lead?
And what about myth number three. We cannot create weath. We cannot build
significant income and create lifestyle. So I want to share with you some of
these numbers. The number of wealthy women in the United States is growing as
fast as wealthy men. 45 percent of American millionaires are women. Yes.
Some of you don’t know that. 60 percent of high net worth women earned
their own fortunes. They were not given, they didn’t inherit it. They earned it.
They made it possible. Some estimate that by 2030 women will control as
much as 2/3 of the nation’s wealth and those numbers are pretty close globally.
And the majority of Network Marketing companies around the globe and as many
as I know have at least several women in their top income earners. So you telling
me that we cannot create wealth. This is totally not true. Last year we had
Women’s Event and all the speakers on stage their combined annual income was
over 25 million dollars.

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