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Why You Need a Mobile Marketing Strategy | Mobile | ReachLocal

Did you know that in most countries, people
search on mobile devices more than they search on their desktops? If your marketing strategy doesn’t include
mobile, you’re probably missing out on those searchers every day. Here are three ways to make your marketing
mobile-friendly. First, start by investing in a mobile-friendly
website. Not only will visitors stay on a site longer
if it has a responsive design, but Google will actually prioritize mobile websites in
organic and paid search results. Second, run mobile search ads. You want people searching on their mobile
phones for your products and services to see you, right? So, make sure your PPC campaign includes mobile-specific
text ads to appeal to those searchers. And, look at how many people are clicking
your ads from their phones so you can adjust your strategy. Lastly, manage your business listings so you’ll
be found on mobile maps and apps. If your business information is outdated or
missing from key sites like Google Maps, you may be losing local customers who are searching
for your products and services. Marketing for mobile is easy with the right
strategy! Want more mobile marketing tips? Visit our website at reachlocal.com.

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