Why you need fresh and original content to help your dental practice stand out!
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Why you need fresh and original content to help your dental practice stand out!

Alright, trying to be on too many
social media platforms without mastering any one of them. So this is a question I
get all the time and I say do I have to be on all social media platforms and the
answer is no, you don’t have to be on all social media platforms you
only have to be on the platforms where your target market is and then you need
to master that platform, before you move on to the next platform. So if you’re
trying to do too many platforms and if you have things linked, like you have
Instagram linked with Facebook right and you post something on Instagram it goes
on your business page when it goes on your facebook business page it has like
20 hashtags and it’s clear that this is an Instagram photo or post that’s coming
on to Facebook. On Facebook in fact, the studies have shown that posts with more
than three has tags are viewed by people as spam because every platform works
differentl.y LinkedIn is a whole different animal, than Twitter, Facebook
and Instagram, so focus on one social media platform and if you’re going to
start I’ll recommend Facebook because this is where people are, it’s the biggest
platform and then Instagram and then go into the other ones, but focus on one.
Awesome, I love it. Okay, so you talked about website earlier I’ve talked about
website and I used to say have a website, now most of us have websites even though
I’m surprised there’s still a lot of dentists out there that don’t okay, but
here’s the thing too, you have to update your website! It has to look fresh it has
to look new it has to look like you put some love into it there are so many
dental websites that look like they were invented or written when the internet
was invented, like they’re so outdated and there’s the colors and this in the
pictures you used you need to and I’m not saying you know back in the day it
was like oh it cost all this money to build a big fancy website I’m not saying
you need to do a big fancy website but you need to do one that looks like you
you regularly added some stuff to it not only just to look good, but for SEO, but
then also that it’s friendly and it doesn’t look outdated because
unfortunately patients don’t know if you’re a good dentist or not if they see
an outdated website they’re gonna assume your dentistry is outdated and that’s
not the case but you need to understand that’s how they relate so make sure that
you’re putting some love and attention into your website. Alright you’re
number 33. Alright, doing something just because your competitions doing it.
This is a common thing with marketing but and this is why sometimes marketing
does fail, is because you’re just trying to copy what your competition is doing.
Now this hurts you to waste number one you’re copying them so they’re already
done this and they’re already doing it and now you’re trying to copy them so
that’s not going to work well for you and the second thing is just because
they are doing it doesn’t mean you have to do it and you know creating your own
marketing and showing you in your own culture. Like Laura just mentioned, having
this great amazing website, having recent reviews, making sure that your social
media platforms are, the messaging is connecting with your patients has so
much more value than your being on a race to compete with the person down the
road. They are a whole different practice, they have a whole different
marketing strategy, there are a whole different animals and in your practice
if you focus on you and you focus on your target market and your own
marketing, you’re going to succeed more than trying to copy or do what your
competitions are doing. Don’t do something just because they’re doing it. I love it
that’s where that part about standing out. So okay, so Minal’s already talked
about this, when you’re doing things in the practice make sure your team knows
about it, make sure your patients know about it! The next thing I want to say
when it comes to that is playing games around it, so if you’re trying to improve
your online reviews or maybe you’re trying to get check-ins on Facebook or
maybe you’re trying to get more new patients, whatever it is, play games with
your team. Don’t make it like here you have to do this, we need 20 new reviews
this month, go, because the pay we already have enough to do where we’re busy in
the front, the hygienists are busy, they’re talking about home health care,
they’re talking about, you know, patient care, the assistants are busy and if we
just do one more thing and we say now you have to get people to check in, now
you have to get them to do reviews, it’s going to come off that way. You know, you
know, Minal we love having you as a patient but could you do a review for us
because we have a review things and our doctor, like it’s gonna come off that way,
but if the team knows that maybe I don’t know it doesn’t have to be big, the
doctors gonna buy us all coffee on Friday, where we’re gonna get a lunch
with the team, whatever, make it fun so that your team feels fun about talking
about it because if it just feels like one more thing it’s gonna come off that
way and patients aren’t gonna do it. Okay you’re number 35. We’re almost there. Alright. Alright, go! Posting on social media without creating great content.
This is something that really hurts me you know
you mentioned about using stock images and that’s so prevalent even on social
media where you’re using stock images or the same meme or the same joke cartoon the
dental joke cartoon that’s going on and you are not sharing anything that
relates to you and your business and your practice and your doctors and your
team and the birthdays and the celebrations and the positive patient
reviews and the happy patients. Make sure that you need to have a great
content strategy when it comes to your social media, don’t just throw something
on there like a stock photo and then walk away or link to a service page on
your website and walk away because you are not going to get engagement. That is
not how social media works social media has the word social in it, you have to be
social to be on social media. Facebook has to have a face for it to actually
engage it tells you exactly what it wants Facebook and social media. I love
it. you know. you could have gone about another hour on that one. Okay so my next one
I’m gonna go back to phones I call into offices all the time and I talk to
offices all the time and they it’s all about these scripts answering the phones
with the script right and I called an office recently and she answers the
phone it’s a sunny day here at ABC how can I help you and I’m thinking I don’t
think it’s very sunny over there. I think it’s, I think it’s not a good day in your
office right. Scripts don’t matter I don’t actually love scripts I think we
have to practice answering phones but here’s the most important part to make
your marketing work at least answer your phone with a smile patients can feel a
smile when they call in, you might be brand new, you might be stressed, you
might be having a terrible day, it might be insane, your schedule way to falling
apart but that phone line, that that patient call, whoever is calling in,
that’s your connection to the outside so you need to answer the phone with a
smile because people can feel that, it makes them feel welcome
and maybe it’s not just about new patients about your current patients.
Always answer your phone with a smile. I love it,
all right number 37 we’re near the end are you ready? Yes, so this is actually
going to back to the social media and so let’s say you’re picking up, this is the
issue your marketing won’t work if you’re not leveraging the platform. So
what I mean by that is, if you’re doing Facebook if you’re going online and
working on Facebook right, leverage it’s for example, know what’s working on
Facebook, so right now Facebook works on live videos, Facebook loves live videos
Facebook is trying to take over YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube is
the second largest search engine in the world, well Facebook wants to become
the third, to the second and they want to utilize videos in fact by next year 2020,
80% of the content online is going to be videos, so don’t be scared to utilize
what’s really going to work for you. If you were to do a live video on Facebook,
Facebook will not only alert the people when you go live but if you create an
event beforehand you can invite people to your live video so if you’re going to
work on a content strategy, don’t just come up with the content and say we’re
just gonna push anniversaries and birthdays videos and team culture now look at
the platform and say what’s working, Facebook videos, Instagram stories,
include them in your content strategy leverages it. Love it, I love that, never
thought about that, Facebook and then social that’s great. Okay so mine is Minal has
already talked about tracking all your marketing and how it’s doing but I’m
gonna take it one step further for those of us in the front, tracking every
potential new patient phone call that’s coming in and I say this specifically
because a lot of offices track the new patients that have called in, the ones
who’ve called in and said I’m a new patient or I’d like to schedule
appointment, we’re tracking that, we need to understand that every phone call that
comes into the practice that’s not a current patient is a potential new
patient and we need to be tracking those calls because I know there’s many times
where a patient will call, a potential new patient will call in and say how
much is your crown, we tell them the price of the crown because we’re not
trained well, the patient goes, oh that’s expensive, I’ll call back, we hang up and
we don’t even think of that as a new patient. That was a potential new patient,
that was literally somebody that picked up the phone and called and we didn’t
handle that call well, we need to track those calls too because you need to see
how you’re doing it converting the new patients not only how your marketing is
working but just how we’re doing at handling these questions when they call
in. So track everybody that’s not a current patient to see how you’re doing.
Alright last one for you, you ready? So the last one that’s it 39 for you all
right, the last one for me it’s going to be and this is again something that’s
inside your practice, not maximizing the use of the systems you have inside your
practice. So some of you may be using a patient appointment system right, one of the
Solution Reach to RevenueWell or you know yeah whatever you’re using they
have a lot of features, they have newsletters, they have texting, they have
ways for you to really market to a specific audience based on cases okay
open cases are based on age group utilize that maximize that! Front Office
Rocks, right Laura, I’m sure it is filled and filled and filled with so much information and
you are not maximizing all of that so what I want you to do is when you’re
looking at your marketing, go back to what you already have in your practice
and say hey does this actually help with what we are doing? Can this do the job
for us instead of now paying another system like newsletter systems and
you’re paying more newsletter systems? Don’t do that,
figure out what systems you have it and maximize it. I love it, I love it, okay
last one and for me it’s gonna be about training on customer service. So Minal
already said this, you know we want to get our patients referring to us they’re
our best source and we all love word of mouth patients or word of mouth
referrals to our practice but here’s the thing
patients are leaving our practice every day, people, you’re losing more patients
out of the back door then you’re getting in the front door and we’re so focused
on you know which social media platform how much we spent on marketing what
about the current patients that are in your practice, these are gold, your
patients are gold, I think the two reasons patients leave your practice is
because you don’t have the right systems in place and you’re not offering them
amazing experience. Patients are not going to go out of their way to talk
about you, they’re not gonna go out of their way to give you a review, they’re
not going to go out of their way to do it, they’re gonna try to get out of your
office because it’s just another dental appointment, I’ve gotta go. You need to
make sure you’re continually investing in your team, your practicing, your
customer service skills, you’re out there doing the best you can for your patients
and they’re gonna go out of their way to help you with marketing, to have fun with
your contests, to have fun with your games, so really focus on the importance
of customer service. Forty minutes, we did it! We did it, okay so for those of you
who know us, if you know this was impossible, there is no way Minal and I
can even do this any other time so this is a one and done kind of a thing, I mean
unless we get great reviews and feedback on this we’ll do another one, so we want
to make sure we’re going to make sure that we answer questions, so if you watch
this we’re going to tell you how to contact us, we’re going to have all the
information for you so we’re not just here this one time, we are here to help
you, so Minal, do you want to let them know and again we’ll have it in the show
notes but let them know again who you are and how they can reach you if they
have any questions after watching this. Sure again I’m a marketing
strategist and I’ve been in the dental field for a long time I’ve been doing
this for over ten years I also been mentioned in Forbes and
Huffington Post and all that good stuff as well so if you want to reduce your
marketing budget if you want to streamline your current marketing and
increase your production you know find me online MinalSampat.com is my
website, you can become facebook friends with me, let’s be social, you know Minal
Sampat, you will find my picture is wearing a white dress with hair on one
side that’s me facebook, friend me let’s take on friends and facebook that’s our
the best way to get directly in touch with me. And for those of you who are
clients of Front Office Rocks, we have video training on the website with Minal
also if you want more of this, go do that. For me, it’s I’m Laura with Front
Office Rocks, we do online training for your dental office, not just front but
also back, just go to frontofficerocks.com you can learn more and then follow
me on social media too because we have lots of good stuff that we add like this, so
thanks Minal, this was so fun! I loved it, I’m so shocked that we did this.
Awesome and for everybody that watched this stay in touch with us and share
this we’ll put it out we’ll send it to you let your friends see this let other
people see this and if you need anything from either of us just reach out, so
thanks Minal, have a great day! Bye! Bye!

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