Will Automation Kill Marketing Jobs?
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Will Automation Kill Marketing Jobs?

In any industry, only jobs that will get killed
are jobs that don’t keep people in the centre. If you really ask me which areas are gonna
get hit, IT is gonna get hit. You know how many people IT employs in India,
the number of engineers India produces, a lot of them get absorbed into IT. IT is gonna get hit big time because every
repetitive excel copy paste work that is happening, that’s gonna get hit. Anything that has humans in the centre, Marketing, is not gonna get hit. Because marketing has humans in the centre, like entertainment is not gonna get hit, because it has humans in the centre. So any job that’s repetitive, it’s gonna eaten up fast So technology usually hits areas which are standardized. for example, you guys, where do you buy your books from? Amazon, right or Flipkart. Do you want to start a bookstore 5 years from now? I think that will be a very bad idea. Do you want to start a store that sells music CDs? that’s a very bad idea. You guys are smart enough to figure what areas would be hot But I have to give you a headline, any company or business that does not keep humans in the centre and humans are not the solution See, for example, an agency, you know what my product is? My product is not Google ads. My product is the people, like I pitch my people when I pitch to a business and that allows automation to not eat it up. Because everything is so custom that it changes every minute, you can’t program it. You can’t feed a bot to understand what are the brand attributes of Amazon, and what should be the ideal advertising for it. You can’t. Yet!!!

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