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WIU Rebranding & Marketing Strategy

Rooted in teaching tradition, the desire to
impact lives through education marks our Western identity. We believe every student, with the hope to
succeed, deserves the chance at our institution. We’re invested in honing each student’s
individual strengths to turn that hope into promise. Our commitment shows in everything that we
do. It guides our faculty with empathy. It grows our students with courage. It moves each of us with purpose. In Macomb and Quad Cities, all walks of life
meet to share cultures, ideas, and aspirations. Together, our students welcome new perspectives,
helping them bring true value wherever they go next. Whatever the next challenge or change we face,
our fighting spirit strengthens and evolves. With fortitude, we remain devoted to our vision. Brave and loyal, we stand as Leathernecks. For our students. For our region. For our
state…and beyond. And when we stand together, we stand up for
what matters…going forth as one. And that unity takes us far beyond what we’ve
ever imagined.

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