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Women Try Ancient Beauty Products • Ladylike

– I bet like back in ancient times where boys are just
like, “I like you better “when you’re not wearing make-up,” like, this is probably
where it started from. – That’s such a good point. We are trying out ancient beauty rituals. – Ooh. – Mud, right? Isn’t that what this is gonna be? Like, you’re just gonna give me some mud and be like, look at this foundation. – I feel like I have tried
ancient make-up before. My mom has some shit left from the 80’s. – I’m afraid I’m gonna
learn that I’m allergic to something that I
didn’t know about before. – This will be interesting though, it’ll be cool to kind of see, like how things have evolved. – I feel like make-up didn’t
come in many shades then. – So, this may be a bad day for me. (laughter) (upbeat drum music) – Cleopatra was known for
bathing in milk and honey. – She’s also known for yeast infections. – I feel like that’s the thing. – Yep. – Maybe we just go in with the honey and we’ll just see what happens. Even though I low key
wanna chug this milk. (laughter) – I mean, it’s just
like, you’re putting soup on your face, I don’t, you guys. – It smells like all of the lunch boxes. – Eww, I’m so mad. – This weirdly feels like it’s gonna make me break out more. – I would not use milk
on my skin ever again. – I feel like a used band-aid right now. – If it was good enough for Cleo, I’m gonna turn my nose up at it. – I’ll turn my nose up at it, I don’t wanna do this again. (upbeat drum music) – This goes against
everything I stand for. – So, straight up just put the chalk on our fucking faces? – [Voiceover] Yeah. – Okay. – Is this the same stuff they use to like powder wigs? I’m gonna power my hair because, racism. – Ooh, ooh, lots of fall out. – Oh, God. It’s getting everywhere. – Something about chalk just
kind of smells fresh though, you know (laughs)? – It doesn’t seem like it would even be attractive. – I think I look pretty
attractive right now. – I just feel exceptionally like I have a ton of dandruff. (playful music) – You want to mash it, Jen? – Yeah, I do, you know me so well. – Ah, oh. – I mean, I’m on my period right now, I’m just very unhappy, so
this is pretty good for me. – They put a lot of sweet
things on their faces. – Aren’t the flies just coming for you? – I don’t think there’s
a right way to do this, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong. – What did they use, well, I guess you really didn’t need
make-up removers back then. – Make-up remover was the river. – It’s actually really difficult to blend and it dries down very fast, so you gotta be quick. – I’m trying, I’m trying. – I’m kind of into the mulberry rouge. – How’s that? – It looks like blush, I think. – Is this clean, did we clean this? – It’s over Jen, just keep eating it. – Okay. (playful music) – Kohl, K-O-H-L, not coal. – Oh, it’s not from a coal mine. Then, what is this? – Wow, this is the OG cat eye. – Brows were a thing back then. – I wonder what ancient Sephora was like? – I love this. You shouldn’t blend it with
your fingers though, oh no. – It starts off not that strong and then suddenly it’s like,
that’s a lot of pigment. – I’m really going hardcore
with my brows with this ’cause I’m really in to it. – Color wise, it looks
like any regular make-up. Consistency wise, it’s very much a powder, so it’s difficult to apply with, I think, the level of precision we’re used to. Your eyes look nice. – Jen, your brows. – I know, they’re nice aren’t they? – Cleopatra had a lot of skill to be able to do such a sharp
cat eye with powder. – It’s like doing the crossword in pen. – I feel gross. I just, I feel like sticky. – I didn’t realize that
the phrase “beauty is pain” has been around for forever. – It is crazy how the
principle of it is the same. Line your eyes, make your lips redder, make your cheeks redder. I admire ancient women,
they’re trying to hustle and they’re just using what they had. – I’m jealous. I’m jealous of your ability to turn berries into actual face cosmetics. – Eh. (laughter) (wind whistles) (metal squeaks)

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  1. Mulberries are hard to find? You people really don't know nature. They are literally EVERYWHERE. the mulberry is one of the most invasive species in America

  2. Dear Ladylike,
    Next time u should come to my house in the summer…there are a ton of mulberries right in my backyard.

  3. Whats the diffrence between mulberry and blackberry? Because that thing that you call blackberry is called mulberry in my country. 🤔

  4. Who’s the dykey looking chick? She looks like she’s been used and around the block more often than a 2 dollar hooker

  5. Producers: Cleopatra bathed in milk and honey.

    Also producers: Only gives them enough to smear on their faces.

  6. What is so gross about putting honey and milk on your face??? I use honey in every face mask i ever use and milk for toning.They work great and are hypoallergic.

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