Work At Home Secrets And Scams | Investigation By Chris Hansen | Opportunities Available
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Work At Home Secrets And Scams | Investigation By Chris Hansen | Opportunities Available

The following is a presentation for scam
report episode two we live in an era of unprecedented change the internet
revolution has forever altered how we shop how we date how we work basically
how we live for entrepreneurs it’s been a veritable cyber gold rush in fact the
number of internet power to home-based businesses has nearly doubled in the
last 20 years opportunity abounds but the new economy has also spawned a new
breed of criminal looking to make a quick buck at your expense
this is scam report tonight we’ll separate fact from fiction
in the world of work at home programs with the help of a private investigator
with years of experience uncovering a legal get-rich-quick scheme work at home
scams have become more popular and victims have become more plentiful well
meet an expert in the field of home-based businesses who successfully
harness the power of the Internet to change his future for every legitimate
work at home opportunity there’s probably a hundred scams as well as a
victim of a common scam I thought everything was ok and then all of a
sudden they disappear it just devastates you and it happens to
a lot of people everyday it was really tough I could have been homeless and
we’ll also come face to face with con artists who made it their business to
feed without remorse on the dreams of the under-informed
those who are looking for the road to prosperity on the path of least
resistance I would pretend to be homeless I would go into dumpsters of
apartments looking for cans but I was really looking for people’s Identity
information when you have a rent payment you have kids money has to come in
somewhere the next 30 minutes may help set you on the road to a brighter
financial future while avoiding common pitfalls stay tuned I had a chance to
speak with work-at-home expert John Crestani starting from scratch he used
the Internet to build a hugely successful business for Crestani the key
word is passion a love of what you’re doing can be like an engine that powers
your home-based business I fell for some of them it’s ubiquitous it’s it’s it’s
completely ubiquitous ambiguous completely and anonymous 100% if you
focus and are dedicated you can succeed I believe if you give yourself the right
resources if you find a mentor and with hard work and dedication you can greatly
increase your chances of success and that’s what I’ve done personally and it
took me a while but by doing all of those things by finding a mentor by
doing my research by working hard I was able to reach a point where I would
consider myself successful by now you might be wondering if a home-based
business is the financial answer you’ve been looking for to learn more and to
reserve your copy of John Crestani’s book use the work-at-home hotline information
you see on your screen below you

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