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Work of Art: Marketing

– Our marketing focus now
is much different than it was initially. Initially, we’d send out mass mailing flyers
with just information and text and visual, all this idea,
and we never knew if it got to the person or if they received it
or how they interacted with it. So now we are much more digital
in our ideas of marketing with– we’re on Facebook and Twitter
and all the–all the big social medias. – All of our marketing, whether it’s marketing
for our school or our center or marketing for an upcoming production, it ultimately all has to be going
still towards the very same direction. All of our marketing plans are kind of the same,
you know, but they’re customized to whatever audience
or whatever people we might be trying to target. – I mean, part of our work has really been, how do we connect with audience,
how do we build audience? Which–we have built audience,
and there’s a certain aspect of building trust. – As an artist, you know, you think about,
“Okay, all I want to do is create. “I want to paint. I don’t want to invest my time in marketing.” But you’ll learn later on
that it goes hand-in-hand, That you have to market yourself
and your work in order to be successful. – One thing that I learned about marketing
is that you tell people who you are. We saw that a lot where we would write our copy
and send out a press release, for example, and the person would take exactly what we had written
on the press release and just use it in the article. And so we learned that we could cultivate our image
and let people know who we were as opposed to waiting
to let them tell us who we were. – One of my favorite ways of doing market research
is by going to lots of art shows and understanding what work is sold to whom
at what price point and where, and that kind of information
is not only fun to discover, but it’s also really invaluable knowledge that I can apply to my own practice
in a really practical way. – All artists,
we never think we’re doing very much. We think, “Oh, I’m not–
I’m not getting the word out there. I’m not promoting myself enough.” And the reality is,
we’re always marketing. We’re always working on the website. We’re always promoting the next workshop. We’re always trying to
put songs out into the world. There’s not, really, probably
one best marketing plan, you know? Whatever works for you as an artist
is what works for you.

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