Working in Technology in a creative industry
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Working in Technology in a creative industry

From the beginning of printing the book
to getting it to the end customer, you can’t do that without technology Technology plays a very important role
from supporting the systems that allow our books to be printed and produced, to
getting them to our actual customer Everything that we do is either captured,
stored or distributed in some way through the use of technology. If you
think about the ability to develop and build a digital book, you need a system,
you need an application then to even providing the data back for our business
to be able to make strategic decisions. We make sure that we’ve got the right
book in the right place for the right customer at the right price and that all
comes through in alignment of data and technology. A lot of it revolves around
supporting the day-to-day and ever changing role of publishing. IT support
is always a challenge so you have to be quite calm inside the technology
function, quite empathetic to understand the challenges that come from
you know what’s driving deadlines on that side of the organisation and being
responsive to try and help them get through that. Technology is always
changing our servers need to always be secure. We’re a cross publishing house
support function so we have to take all the pressure of all of those people and then try and help them do their jobs in a very distinct way. The things that I really like, that
excite me are interesting technology – what’s the world going to be like in a
couple of years time, in five years time, in ten years time and how do we adapt what we’re
doing to meet that challenge so I think that real openness to the possibilities
is probably what I’d be looking for. The kind of person best to work here and in
technology at Penguin Random House would be someone
who was willing to learn and to grow and someone looking for opportunities to try
new things. As a place to do business As a place to do business, it’s incredibly supportive, it’s
incredibly collaborative and everybody really believes in the mission of the
company you know bringing the stories that matter to people. Everybody is
behind that and I think when you’re excited about the product you want to do
your best to try and get that to people and have other people enjoy it as much as
you do.

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