Workshop: How to Build The Best Marketing Strategy and Team
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Workshop: How to Build The Best Marketing Strategy and Team

– Good day, world, Chris
Hogan from MeMedia. CEOs know that in order to
build a successful business, you need the freedom to think creatively and be strategic, but
the number one hurdle faced by business leaders today is a serious lack of marketing assets and competent, reliable team members. It’s a harsh reality,
but the majority of CEOs of scaling businesses out there are stretched beyond belief. Sadly, they’re stuck
working in the business and have little time to work on it. That is the whole point of our strategy and team-building workshop. I’m going to show you how you can build a first-class marketing team, leaving you free to focus
on steering the ship in the right direction. I’d love for you to
join me at our workshop on how to build the best
marketing strategy and team happening this month. Register now, because really, I wanna share our common passion, and that is building your
formidable world-class brand. (ambient music)

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