World Branding Awards 2014 – London
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World Branding Awards 2014 – London

World Branding Awards 2014, London [Music] Richard Rowles Chairman of the World Branding Forum Your Excellencies, Ambassadors and High Commissioners Robert Opie, Founder of the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising Tony Fernandes, Founder of Air Asia and Chairman of Queens Park Rangers Football Club members of the World Branding Forum Advisory Council members of the media and ladies and gentlemen Good evening and welcome The awards… is the premier recognition programme of the World Branding Forum We are here tonight because of the amazing work you have contributed towards building your brands The World Branding Forum is a registered, global, non-profit organisation Our aim is to provide benefits to all those involved in the branding community [Music] Very important for us at Barclays to get the external recognition like this as as we’re on our journey to become one of the best brands in the world becasue what we’re doing is building the brand inside out that takes some monumental amount of effort from an awful lot of people so this is a celebration of some really good team work so it means a lot to us We are supremely honoured that our brand was nominated and was rewarded for the award And having said that I think… the most grateful part is because the recognition from how people perceive our brand For our brand, again, British Airways to be here tonight and win the award is a huge, you know, confirmation of the work that we’ve been doing over the last few years and for me, why I’m most proud to be here is that this is all about our people, and our people that deliver our brand every single day for our customers [Music]

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