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100 thoughts on “Worst Product Recalls To Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

  1. My father is retired from Firestone, when he was there he tested the new batches of rubber to be used on the tire making line. Crews would wait for the ok to use that batch, if he called a batch a failure the crews would be extremely angry with him and tried to get him to ok bad rubber. The inspectors who wouldn't allow bad batches through were given unflattering nicknames and were mistreated by employees

  2. Acrylamide is not dangerous at all… What a crap that is sprayed over and over while being complete rubbish! It's dangerous FOR MICE! And mice aren't used to cooked meals… But we humans are! And those mice testings have ZERO meaning! Alot of things we eat have very high acrylamide levels and NOTHING happens…

  3. err 2017 early or late i cant remember in South Africa we had Listorosis outbreak in our polony.. (gave me the shits but it didnt really harmfull stuff to public with weak immune systems)

  4. Ford just blamed firestone because people flipped their explorers and they didn’t want to take the blame so they blamed firestone

  5. In all reality a tire blow out doesn’t suddenly make your vehicle completely out of control. Even at highway speed. If it’s ever happened to you it’s really not even a big deal.

  6. Ok I was like 6 or 7 when the lead paint thing happend and I had a tone of tomas wooden railway stuff and I remember my mom taking them away and saying they would get replaced but when they did they were the wrong ones.

  7. Sorry The pinto was a pretty good car. Question where is the fuel tank in 90% all cars located. in the back. it turned out it was never the tank it was the fuel hose that went between the filler cap to the tank that was the real issue which it was part of the problem other part was where they located the exhaust pipe.. well right there in that area. So under the famou Ralph Nader Consumer Champ Chump he sued for a recall. What it was during this era fuel prices where high and this car was out selling them all cause of the fuel economy. So other companies sent Ol Blood hound Ralph after them to find something to get them on.. Just to give you an idea. the Mustang II used the same chassis as the pinto's. In fact back when we use take the front end off of Mustang II's to fit them to a Camaro front in for better handling i switched to the Pinto's front end i could get it cheaper and there was more of them. But it was the same damn piece. LOL.

  8. At least Ford takes responsibility, publicly. Working at GM, we know of many issues, as the trucks are being made, but told to keep going and dont change anything. Their recalls are pretty private and always another companies fault.

  9. i like how you guys are blaming poor qualities of these products on "humanity" and not the failures of capitalism

  10. this videos fkd, "they lost $440m and an esimated $600m in lawsuits" then they say "cadbury lost about $10.5million making it the biggest re-call in history".??

  11. Yes, Chinese manufacturers don't have a good track record, but so doesn't Boeing killing hundreds of people for profit.

  12. Truly sad…. Unfortunately, these are just the norms of today….

    "But know this, that in the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, 3 having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, 4 betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride, lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5 having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power; and from these turn away. 13 But wicked men and impostors will advance from bad to worse, misleading and being misled."
    (2 Timothy 3:1-5; 13)

    "….and because of the increasing of lawlessness, the love of the greater number will grow cold."
    (Matthew 24:12)

    The Good News is:

    "When the wicked sprout like weeds And all the wrongdoers flourish, It is that they may be annihilated forever." (Psalms 92:7)

    “Happy are the mild-tempered, since they will inherit the earth."
    (Matthew 5:5)

    Can we trust the Bible?

  13. This video is currently at 666 dislikes.
    I guess the devil doesn't like his evil business practices being exposed. Muahahaha

  14. The babys would not of suffocated if the parents looked down now and then to check on the babys. Probably to busy on their phones like all the other zombies walking around your local town.

  15. Oh yeah i remember about the lead paint,it was kinda spreading in indonesia…as long i could remember it's until 2010 ? Or something

  16. The firestone one was fords fault…. the factory air pressure was 26psi. Super low.. so people who weren’t checking their air pressure would load up and hit the road often with tires with less than 20 pounds of air. That lack of air causes massive amounts of heat stress in the tread and sidewalls often causing blow outs regardless of the brand. So another “boo” for Ford there.

  17. Lol I had a 2006 laptop…but I bought it whitout even a battery…just needed a school pc that can be stolen/damaged…and isn't too heavy…

  18. In the early 90's Ford used a switch in the brake system that would result in a fire. A massive recall ensued. In the late 90's they used a similar switch on the Ford pickups that also caused fires. A massive recall followed…..

  19. when when was it when the lazer was invented who knows i know when the car was invented with who knows what then created years after the first accumalted vehicles where created the armor car came then not to long ago when i was just a cub i heard of this elegant truck only the cool boys can have then the dvd came out old man must of bought those then you realized only mexicans had vcr. who knows maybe one everyone is going to have a blunt in their lips. oh wait i forgot everyone smokes grass now.

  20. And all of these product fails are with a purpose, cancer and reducing population bc a babies can be affected so easy against toxins!! Hope god will help us.

  21. What u say lead is radioactive thing about the stable isotope 206 cause who the hell would put lead 210 in the peace of plastics

  22. If the United States didn't allow manufacturers to go leave to China, Mexico, other country. They won't have too much of a lead problems in they water supply. Or nasty Voc in soil. Least EPA fine company here in the US . Also learned when EPA clean a Superfund site. They left some behide underground. And allowed stores to built on top of it.

  23. Sippee cups were the modern day version of Victorian Murder Bottles. Well, ok, today's mothers don't put boric acid in spoiled milk like they did in that /other/ era.

  24. Smh they say we may have survived lead based paint but failed to say how fucked up we we've become years down the road ( not meaning the video but in general)

  25. Sad thing is it was not the Fyrestone tires that were the issue. It was ford who called for under inflating the tires so they didn't roll over but at the same time all the tires were designed to be 35-40psi not fords 25 psi.

  26. Lead paint, from what I remember is that China did not do a recall as the video said because China said that USA did not specify not to use lead paint.
    Death penalty for Melamime in milk, good for them, imagine if USA did that for auto recalls?

  27. There's also the recall of a certain model of the Ford Kuga in South Africa, where several people died when the car just set on fire.

  28. Tell you what destroys my faith in humanity…..😱
    Apparently Liverpool has been moved to somewhere near Douglas along the M74 in Scotland and the people who made this 'educational' footage didn't even have the common courtesy to inform any of us until now! 🤣😂🤣
    Try researching your content!

  29. Why are we not looking at German and Japanese goods for imports??? We’re so dependent on Chinese products that literally kill people in the US.

  30. I still have a Vaio but it has to be permanently plugged in because the battery no longer charges and it's too expensive to replace. I'd rather just buy a new laptop 🙄.

  31. Wow this nitwit acts like Ford is unique in its non so stellar recall record. All the auto manufacturers have had issues in one way or another. GM hasn't had the recall rate but it isn't far behind and they have an astronomical number of TSBs. It would be nice if people making these videos looded into things better.

  32. How can you say that it’s bad but ok to poison a dog but a human is really bad that so mean animals are as important as human

  33. Some Say the REAL Cause of the Chernobyl Disaster was due to a Russian Janitor Spilling Vodka while Sitting in His Pinto during His Lunch Break!

  34. Imagine how much people around the world would get jobs if chinese factories only make products for thenselves. It would be safer too

  35. Why not mention the Pinto cover up and the documents that were found where they calculated and compared the cost of wrongful death lawsuits to the cost of fixing the car. I believe that some would call that murder, Mr Iococa.

  36. "Ahh yankee dog , you want democracy in China! We show you . We sell shoddy product!, Take that!" Gotta love them quality Chinese products…

  37. It might not be a recall but rather a display how far Kapitalism can go.: Remember the 80s? When HIV was found in Blood Transfusions. They have been recalled in the USA, BUT TO CUT THE LOSSES, have been relabled and solt to south America. And that knowingly infecting people with a deadly deseae for money a worthles paper with an imaginary value. Makes one think, does it?

  38. #7 proctor & gamble be my first guess.
    The recal i liked least was cheverolet recal of my 95 one ton truck to replace front axel. I was working around Ignasio colo. hair pin turns and all.

  39. Ford has always had a bad representation. My friend dead in the Ford rollover problems and the car was on bridgestone tires in the early 2000's #ripsina

    Fuck you Ford and bridestone!!!

  40. If I found out something like this happened, I would go all James Bond and poison the manufacturers with their own products so they are forced to recall it since they are getting sick themselves (like an asshole who won’t listen and faces the fate that was warned about)

  41. The pinto issue was more nefarious. Ford knew about the problem and found that a metal plate put between the gas tank and bumper strut (where the fire issue could start ) was the solution. But ford had done a study where the cost of paying out for accidents and deaths (at that period got a few thousand not the millions like you see today) was cheaper than recalling the and repairing the cars. It took a small boy being burn about 80% of his body to sway a judge and hammer ford for their gross negligence. That payout which was in the amount it would’ve cost to repair/modify the cars. And it’s also the reason lawsuits are in the millions.

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