WTF VIRAL BEAUTY HACKS TESTED! Gross Products Edition! Natalies Outlet
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WTF VIRAL BEAUTY HACKS TESTED! Gross Products Edition! Natalies Outlet

[upbeat music] Hello there, today’s video is another WTF testing viral beauty hacks and gadgets. Actually today we’re mixing it in with gadgets that have been going, around the internet and honestly [sigh] I have looked at these beauty hacks and I have been like, I would never try this And… I went to the counter and bought condoms and Vagisil together and you probably saw me tweet this the embarrassment, the stares just give it a thumbs up for like pure embarrassment cause this is what I do for you guys I had elderly women look at me like, Vagisil and condoms, girl what yo’ doing? Oh and if you aren’t subscribed make sure you subscribe and turn my notifications on and you will be automatically entered into my iPhone 7 and Macbook giveaway three lucky winners will either win an iPhone 7 or a Macbook check out how to do all that in the link below so the very first “what the f” viral beauty hack that we’re gonna test out is oh, oh look at this The Vagisil. so according to you do beauty, Vagisil is just like the ‘it’ primer. Gurl if you ain’t got no primer, it’s alright just use your Vagisil cremes. it smells…… almost girly I guess I’m always super curious how people come up with this stuff like is it just something when your sitting in the bathroom and you’re like Oh man I have to do my makeup and, you know I got nothing, I got an itch down there Oh hey let’s use Vagisil! It’s kind of crummy though. It feels like I am exfoliating my skin Oh okay, so it seems like it’s sinking in there Like it just is disappearing Kind of crummy Ugh that’s nasty [Sounds of Distress] Ooo it has a scent Ooo that’s not girly Ooo “Do not apply over large areas of the body” So on the other side I’m just gonna use Benefits Porefessional Now I’m just gonna apply foundation on all around my face and then we will see which side looks best Overall, I think this works really really nicely Like, I’m kinda surprised I feel like my pores are more covered [Sobs Softly] I hate to admit that So this is the primer side, this is the Vagisil side I hate to say it, but the Vagisil wins. My pores aren’t that prominent as this side I’ve been the one to struggle, with like nose hairs I got those big nostrils, you know what I’m saying The hairs kinda just stick out I came across this product that was like a nose hair wax kind of remover thing So, I filmed the video and then it got deleted But, I managed to save up some of these clips from my dad and Dennis Ohhhhhhh, daaammn [Laughs/Cries in Pain] Holy crap That like pulled my soul out of my body! Ughhhhh OH MY GAWD! Geez that’s a lot Oh my! Overall I loved the product, I thought it was awesome My dad loved it, Dennis loved it Yes, there is an initial pulling shock My nose still looks bomb from that day So it’s been like 3 weeks since we did that And…. They nice! This next WTF Viral Beauty Hack Honestly, the first time I saw it It made me so angry, and that’s using a condom Yes, a condom Put your beauty blender in there And you basically use it to apply your foundation Now what they say is that it helps minimise the amount of product you actually put on Cause you know beauty blenders kind of like sucks it up Where as the condom just helps lay it out, flat Wash this before you actually put your beauty blender in it This smells REALLY bad It’s sucking on my face! *voice crack* If you do this in a public bathroom people will stare, I’m telling you Don’t be surprised if people don’t want to talk to you Yow know, it’s kind of fun I always use two palms and I feel like I actually am needing more for the I would never do this, again. Cause I told myself I would never do this and here I am smacking my face with a condom So this is the final result I honestly didn’t notice any less product being used I think it looks pretty good, but would I do this again? No It smells really bad I cannot get over the smell and it’s just kind of awkward [mutters “yeah”] So this product I’ve been crazy about trying Honestly, I’m not even gonna lie I first saw this on “hey it’s feii”‘s channel where it’s like a vacuum suction for blackheads and I’m gonna link her video down below because she is AWESOME and you guys have to check out her channel and also it is a very informative video Basically, yeah It’s like a blackhead suction remover like a vacuum [CHEW sound effect] If you end up buying this product, just be aware that everything is in Japanese What you are going to do first is just put a hot towel in like hot water And then you are just going to put this on your face for a little bit maybe like two minutes? So that your pores start to open up So it looks like this It doesn’t look that scary but trust me it is powerfull And then all you got to do is, this is battery operated, so you just put in a AA battery right in here. Oh my god What? So it sucks your face up. As you can see I have got some blackheads right there. So I realised what I was doing wrong you’re supposed to go up with this. So here we go. Oh my god I’m seeing it get pulled out! Holy Schnitzel! So thus far: this is what we got going on. As you can see those little dots right there. Do you see all that little white stuff? Yes, that’s me. This is AWESOME! Overall, awesome product. Definitely does what it sets out to do. But, I would say I don’t recommend this for someone — like myself, if you are someone that likes

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  1. Stick to the end to see how to remove your blackheads with a PORE SUCTION VACUUM! Also have you entered the giveaway? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best of luck, I love you guys!๐Ÿ’œ


  3. Natalie: Next What the F product is a Condom yes a Condom
    Me: I'm going to go Kill myself (Opens Car door) Wait… ( Realizes how Cold it is) HOLY CRAP IT'S COLD NVM

    I literally said that Lol

  4. Vagisil isn't for ur face its for ur vagina y do u think its called Vagisil my mom has that stuff and its for ur vagina

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  12. Did Natalie just said๐Ÿ˜‚:
    "Put a 'HOT' TOWEL in a HOT WATER"๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€

  13. Natalie:how do people come up with these??
    Natalie:I'm just gonna try it no matter what. That's me.
    This should be blue if ur the same and comment if u know how people think of these


  14. The sad thing is this video was posted in 2017 and the giveaway 2 years ago was a better phone than I have now. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚

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