Yang Rui discusses China-US trade relations
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Yang Rui discusses China-US trade relations

the battles between the United States and China is a familiar faces of course it's a young ray we're normally we see in the the studio in Beijing we're kind of doing a double-take here one of you good news for president Rama he might say oh this is fake news well it's interesting maybe we can start there with Huawei I just came back for your here in the u.s. I just came back from the UK and I remember driving down a road and looking over here there's a billboard for Huawei I look over here there's a billboard for Huawei the United States you know as there's been this complaint about containment trying to contain China it's like the the genies out of a bottle basically isn't it talk to me about relations between the United States and China and where do you see things today for 20 years I've been hosting dialogue CGT and which used to be called CCTV news hour opening up in the reform actually coincided with the normalization of the relationship with the United States during the Carter Administration back in 1979 and by the way his birthday happens to be October the first the national day of the People's Republic of China so almost all all aspects of life for the middle class for ordinary Chinese folks you mention it great changes have taken place most of the things are more or less related to our opening up and the United States of America was the major power that helped it China opened up and especially student exchange programs we benefit is so much from the education so much from the products flow of products and services so most of the time I'm a program I've been talking about the changes in our life and this has a lot to do with United States I have a I have a great respect for the United States many politicians in the DC accused sign off are showing little sign of a gratitude that's wrong however we have read lies that should not be a cross and when it comes to sovereignty is caustics of our national interest what do you ask you about how things have changed the Trump administration because of the tensions as we know our deaf there there's talk of perhaps a deal being worked out between these two countries but it seems like you know things have kind of gone sort of like this but now in many respects you see kind of a negative tone here in Washington towards China is that being felt in base like one important mission for me to come over all the way from Beijing to first of all New York and Philadelphia and the DC is to talk to the think tanks and China hands from universities in New York what in Pennsylvania and here now I caught this rough impression that these guys the scholars of us-china relationship are no longer as confident as before there they seek to reassess redefine the relationship the most consequential relationship and I see lack of confidence and that it seems this relationship is based on fears they are afraid of a Huawei 5g PRI they are afraid of changing the lifestyle and the values of the United States it's no longer the United States that I'm familiar with and that's a big surprise it's a shock so I start to think seriously about why exactly 20 years ago when I first started hosting this program which used to be called Sangha topics it's a weekly program the very first edition of my program was about the us-china relationship and I asked a professor in shootin from China University he's the Chinese equivalent of a museum oh the Superhawk by the way I said is it true that if you take China as the enemy China would be your enemy is it true that you take China as your friend will be your friend and the end of the show I said what do you think of the issue of a self-fulfilling prophecy it's kind of for taking for granted that China would become your friend you transform China from a partner into an ally or just the all the other way around so I wrote a book called who has misunderstood China by the way immediately became a best-seller eh I hope I saw parity two copies of my books in in the streets of Beijing and many articles talked about why from 1949 well we ended the civil strife to the Cold War to the end of the Cold War the end of the Cultural Revolution what happened thirty years ago until an entry into the WTO and to today the presidency of the neutron assessment of China has always been proved around at least compromised while we another I start to think seriously why first of all they still use the ideological lines to examine the political realities this morning I was talking to someone from centre of strategy and International Studies he said China's going back to Leninism I said this is a laughable this is absolutely ridiculous and he said I know something you don't an estimate our knowledge about what's going on in China I said how much do you know about the social media how much do you know about the fundamental changes of the lifestyle for the middle class whose number might be prudent to say half of the 1.4 billion that's a lot that that means global implications for the big market and China is such an important part of the global supply chain there's no way to decouple the Chinese market and these guys who work for the most conservative think-tank in the DC say we're gonna fight we're gonna push on the back we're gonna keep chana dal if not out this is ridiculous you ask Europeans do they agree asked the Japanese the South Koreans they don't say it come out this is not cold war it's ridiculous to go back to the Cold War thinking but by the way we start to have wording like trade war attack war is it war it should be win-win it's not that you win I lose it's not a zero-sum game you can't go back to the context in which we have the common enemy of the Soviet Union right today we need to find common threats like climate change and like prevention of a nuclear proliferation double diesel and so forth we need to have a force to put us together and find the common ground find the common ground it's interesting as a developer own initiative the doors are not shot I mean the United States could be working in tandem with China many other years of you in Jamsil absolutely let me ask you about Jimmy Carter because it's interesting you've interviewed him several times I've interviewed him as well he always points out when his birthday is no matter who's talking to him talk to me about the relationship with the US and China then and where it is today and and recently Donald Trump did talk to Jimmy Carter and and Carter had a couple of questions for Trump he's still fully engaged when it comes to China's knee I'm so glad Donald Trump listens to President Jimmy Carter and perhaps the dr. Harry Kissinger these two guys are most respected by American Samoa or for me personally for at least the following reasons concerning presidency of Jimmy Carter I know he he was criticized too during the presidency but he is said to be the most respectable and most successful retired the president in your history he did the following things that really changed them the image of his being the commander in chief of the White House first of all he went to North Korea twice he went to Haiti to avert an evasion that could cause the lives of innocent people he went to Bosnia he did many things as a special envoy to really deliver the message of a peacemaking so he also wrote a book about the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis for that he angered some of the employees who worked for the Carter Center he said so during three interviews with me not only just focus on Middle East peace conference so this man has really changed my perception about why the United States is great oh by the way this afternoon I interviewed someone who worked with the Oliver Stone the movie director and produced some documentaries about why it's around to having two an ism to have military advantages he is so critical of the United States by the end of the interview instead of okay having a man who why he narrowly escaped her from FBI CIA or homeland security I saw this guy who has the guts and who has been able to survive the FBI reinforced my perception about the softer power of the United States he's not thrown behind the bars for independent and critical thinking right young Ranga we got a little dialog in here thanks so much for joining us thank you watching trip back to get on it we'll see you on TV

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