You Need To Try This Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business…
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You Need To Try This Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business…

hey how’s it going aaron chen here hope
you’re doing well today if you’re watching this video right now then
you’re doing a bit of research on video marketing strategy on youtube okay so
you want to learn how to do some video marketing you maybe you don’t really
know how to do that right now okay I’m gonna share with you over the next
few minutes how I use mainly video to do a lot of my marketing right so my name
is Aaron Chen for those of you who don’t know me I’m an online entrepreneur been
online for nine years eight of those nine years failed really really
miserably alright didn’t really know what I was doing made lots of mistakes
and really pay for them okay but that allowed me really to hold my craft
figure out what works and what doesn’t and you know finally had some huge
success last year generated over a thousand sales in my business and I want
to share with you exactly how I did that okay so I’ve always been using video you
know I started with YouTube right from the beginning but I didn’t really know
what I was doing you know this was nine years ago
YouTube was very young at that point where the internet was very young if you
think about it this was back in 2009 you know in 2009 roughly 2010 and video has
always been good but but the quality has kind of changed over the years right so
more recently I’ve you know been doing video more and more and I found that it
is one of the best strategies to connect with your audience okay so first of all
if you’re not doing video you have to do video alright because video is not the
marketing strategy of you know the future of the past it’s the video sorry
so it’s the marketing strategy of it now okay and
always be you know an integral part of your overall marketing strategy because
the best way really if you think about it to connect with your people to
connect with your list with your with the people on your autoresponder is
through video right because if you’re marketing any product it doesn’t really
matter what niche area you’re in whether you’re in you know weight loss or
fitness or you know internet marketing make money online network marketing MLM
it doesn’t really matter because all of these businesses ultimately are people
businesses yes if you think about it you know the fitness industry is about the
product but the reality is is that if you look at all the successful fitness
products it’s always built around some sort of character right it’s always
built around some sort of attractive but when you want you call the attractive
character right so there’s a sort of an attractive character that is actually
sending the emails and talking in the videos and and showing people how to
lose weight or how to get a six-pack right how to get fit what to eat you
know you see them in their kitchen the you know making recipes they’re juicing
up the shakes that kind of thing right so it’s all built around an attractive
character and how do you do that well you use video right so first of all if
you’re scared of doing video I would highly recommend that you just you know
don’t worry about it grab a camera again grab your iPhone
grab your Samsung and just start making video don’t worry so much about it
because the truth is is that it’s always gonna be weird when you first start
doing video but once you’ve done you know 10 20 30 50 videos it starts to
become really really easy okay so just to give you an example the video that
you’re watching right now I’m actually doing it while I’m driving I’m actually
driving to the supermarket right now to do my weekly shopping right I know all
the shopping my wife doesn’t do anything unfortunately I’d like I’d like the
house husband you know I I do the shopping I do
cooking my it just works I worked to write but I like to do stuff in my house
so I’m going on my shopping right now I’m recording this video from my iPhone
camera and all I’ve done is I’ve bought a little stand and you know I’ve had to
test different stands because some stands they kind of vibrate a lot this
one is pretty good if I breeze a little bit when you go over the bumps but
generally speaking it’s quite good okay I don’t know the name of the stand
because honestly there is no name this is this stand is super cheap this was
like a $5.00 stand right I just bought it on on a website on an online
e-commerce portal in my country in Malaysia right that’s where I live in
Malaysia and I like to shoot these videos whenever I’m driving from one
place to another because I find that it saves a lot of time okay so my video
strategy my video marketing strategy is very simple I put all my videos up on
YouTube okay so if you are considering doing video first of all I would highly
recommend that you use a YouTube alright so there are there a couple of reasons
why you want to do this first of all it’s a very very stable platform okay
and it’s got it’s got high you know so HD and you can you know upload all your
videos you can use YouTube as a main portal for you to our main platform I
should say to have all your videos home all your videos there right couple of
reasons why you can then take the videos and you can use them in your blog you
know so you can embed them in your blog you can embed them in your video in your
in your sales funnels in your own websites but if you do a good job with
on-page optimization which I’ll talk about in a second
the videos that you upload will also rank for particular keywords if you’re
clever okay so when I first started online when it when I did video I had no
idea that you could do that I know somebody told me that all you have to do
is just upload lots of video onto YouTube and people are gonna find your
stuff but that’s not true okay so there are a couple of video marketing strategy that you can use one you can use YouTube as a platform and then you can take that
video and you know you can upload it you know in two different places right the
second thing is you want to make sure that the videos that you upload are also
ranking okay because if they don’t rank for a particular keyword then you’re
kind of wasting your time a little bit so so this video that you’re watching
right now if you’re watching it it’s because you typed out video marketing
strategy on YouTube okay and my video popped up right now I ranked for that
particular keyword phrase okay now there’s a whole you know a strategy and
process that you need to implement if you want to rank videos and and it can
be pretty complicated but if you know how to do it it’s pretty easy
okay so somewhere on this video towards the end I will link you to one of my
videos where I show you that strategy on exactly how to rank your videos on
YouTube alright but just understand that doing video and doing it consistently is
one of the best ways to build a relationship with your list because they
get to see your face they get to hear your voice they get to see your
character they get to see they get to feel your energy across the camera which
is very very important so if you’re just sending your you know your list emails
all the time you have to be an amazing copywriter before you can you know
elicit some sort of emotion and get your people to take action okay whereas on
video it’s a lot easier to get those reactions because you’re kind of
free-flowing you’re you’re talking to seeing your your your passion that
you’re hearing your voice and it’s a lot easier to connect with people via video
okay I’m gonna teach you a quick strategy if you’re very very scared of
doing video right all you do is take your camera think about what you want to
say and do 10 videos in a row I promise you that your first five videos will
suck big time okay but by the tenth video you’re gonna be
very very comfortable and then by the twentieth video
you’re gonna be even more comfortable and you don’t even have to use the first
ten videos it’s all practice okay practice makes perfect right I think
that you know if I think about how many videos I’ve done now in the last nine
years I’ve done easily you know probably close to a thousand videos easily okay
because I just do them all the time right if you do one every single day or
if you do two videos every single day you’re gonna get really really good at it
okay so I hope you enjoyed this little snippet on you know video marketing
strategy right if you’ve never tried video you want to implement it make sure
you try now because it’s one of the best things okay now if you want to get
access to you know some of my training some of my marketing I want to show you
exactly how to do that okay so to get access to me all you have to do is click
on the link right below this video there’s gonna be a little link for you
right there it’s gonna give you access to my marketing content right so I want
to show you how I was able to build an affiliate marketing business from
scratch how I went from nine us or eight years of failure to one year of huge
success and it actually comes down to really understanding how to structure
your business and how to convert leads into sales properly and how to connect
with your people right so I want to show you how to do that and if you want to do
that and if you’re interested in doing that I welcome you to click on the link
right below this video get access to that free content and I wish you all the
best in your online marketing endeavors and your business building endeavors
right if you want to get access to more of my videos very very simple all you
have to do is subscribe to my channel there’s a little red button right there
hit subscribe if you want to get more videos like this right remember that
I’ve got some videos up here you should be linking you currently to some of my
videos where I actually talked about the the video marketing strategy on YouTube
you can follow that step-by-step there is a basic video and there’s an advanced
video as well alright my name is Aaron Chen hope to speak to you soon take care
and good luck in your business

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