Your E-commerce Landing Pages Need To Expand On Your Advert Promises
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Your E-commerce Landing Pages Need To Expand On Your Advert Promises

Promising something in the ad, which is
what they’re interested in, and then the landing page needs to deliver on that
product promise so that if you’re saying about your delivery is good. Then on the landing page, you need to say,
you know, you need to have something that proves that on the landing place. Like we’re saying, you know, you need to
prime them, don’t you need to basically get them in so you know,
everything’s consistent. So you know you’re bringing people in
there is already optimized for your sites and your, the products
that they’re landing on. You know, if they’re anxious about
delivery and free returns and you’re bringing them in. Well you’ve already done
a quite a good job of actually convincing them of your USP and why
they should buy from you. Yeah, exactly. I’m talking about general recruitment. Oh, well, I mean,
essentially it’s like, right. You know, how are we going to
convert more initial customers? And that of course, is you offer
architecture, you know, your anxiety squashing. Yeah. Your authority. It starts. You know all these, the market
square test again, the market square.

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