Your First Day with Notion | A Beginner’s Guide
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Your First Day with Notion | A Beginner’s Guide

Hello everyone welcome back to another video, it’s Francesco here welcome to Keep Productive YouTube channel if you’re brand new But if you’re regular welcome back, so today’s new guys We’re taking a look again at notion notion is one of the biggest Trends in the productivity app space in a moment and for very good reason it is a resource that is making waves in terms of its functionality and Sort of canvas like experience allowing you to plot out whatever style or productivity that you want It’s very smart, and it’s a good introduction to this sort of productivity app And what we’ll be doing today is we’re basically Getting a lot of questions about this is Guiding you through your sort of first day on notion and the reason why I want to do. This is because People I feel a struggling a lot when it comes to ok I’ve downloaded a notion. I’ve got it in front of me how do we even begin with this because it’s such a It’s not a complicated application. It’s really up to you, and that’s what sometimes a scary thing is let’s say you’re like ok I want to try it for a full month alongside Trello and see what happens Or like you want to bring over everything over like I did from Trello to notion to some extent It’s a scary experience because you don’t know actually what you want to do, so hopefully this video will give you a nice overview This video will be timestamp guys, so you can go in the description below and skip forward even this introduction And find the section that you want And an area did struggling with and this actually was really relevant because I was gonna film this one last week But I didn’t get round to it and then Sandra tweeted this morning Sandra is at Medieval and she tweeted I download an ocean, but I find I’m finding it difficult to navigate. It’s about collaboration Nope, it feels like It feels a bit a very Wild West not sure about collaboration either Because I can’t see what my co-editor created in there for me help seems like a cool platform but it’s not intuitive I Agree with some of our points here. I agree that when you and on this application It makes it very difficult. Not the onboarding it just makes it difficult to choose what you want to do with it So hopefully this overview will show you how to set up your notion in terms like a brand new account. I will be releasing a Skillshare class in the next month. I’ve just been a little sort of backlogged. We’ll get around to it You’ll sort of take you through notion completely, but this will give you almost your first day with it And they feel the recommendations that I would put your way, so hopefully this is a nice overview. Let me know the comments What you think and feel free to use the timestamps below to skip board anyway guys, let’s jump on to notion? Okey-dokey here is a brand new Notion account and this is something that I was playing around with the other day for the actual Skillshare future But I wanted to go over it because I think it’s quite an important Experience and especially when you’re getting started so before we get started I want to sure that should sort of show you my own notion account Obviously, I’ll be doing a full separate feature on this one So don’t get freaking out don’t be like francesco stop showing me this really intricate setup This is what my setup looks like and this has really taken Mmm almost a year now to really Get to where I want to be obviously i’ll be doing a full review and sort of overviewing my sort of Practice towards that but that’s a sort of end goal to some extent It’s taken me a fair while to do and I haven’t really rushed it and because I didn’t really want to and I haven’t really Focused too much my time on getting that perfect I’ve more made it is accessible as I can So guys as you you get started with your notion account obviously you go through the whole like Download process and onboarding and most of the time you’ll you’ll get a few recommendations to use a template function This is great I think the template function here and obviously all of the the new area the database area and the default empty and import pages Are quite fantastic because you get a good starting point? but I do think you first have to sit down with yourself my recommendation is to grab a bit of A4 paper could be a3 if you wanted to and this is something that I did when I was Replay my notion or even just giving Myself might I think I did it on the first couple of weeks of getting notion I sat down with this one and what I did is I made sure I had nice half an hour bit of spare time I Sat down with it, and I went okay How do I really make notion a? Dashboard that I want to enter and how do I make best use of it? So with that a four bit of paper my solid Johnny got what um most like I needed to access most As I got started with my notion account so I think when I got started I put on The weekly area that I wanted so an area that I want an agenda for the week like the week ahead I put on my three month roadmap Which I work best on and that was previously on the likes of Trello I put on a few of my personal branding things So I started to and in a fear affair few things that I thought would be helpful and something that notion Allows me to procreate and what I did. There is once. I created and designed this area I essentially like got my laptop put the piece of paper next to it and basically try to replicate what I got From a first sketch and that really that process only took me about ten minutes in total And it was of an evening I remember just sitting down with like a cup of tea And a can and just having like headphones in and and I don’t think backer was home for like half an hour extra So I had the time to really focus and I basically plotted out exactly What was on that piece of paper from here um? You know you you land on that home page, and you sort of can panic because you’re like okay What does that look like so I’m just gonna show you what that can look like in terms of an example? So let’s say I had that piece of paper in front of me I would really start with a default page and because a default page is essentially your workspace. I would call it your workspace What I would do to start off with is set yourself a nice Gallery picture, and I believe when I started I had one these space ones, but there are hoster here And you can also upload your own, but I we wouldn’t worry too much on that Factor so I’m gonna choose the space background and I’m gonna keep this space emoji I recommend having like a really quirky emoji there, and then title it something like You know I’m gonna go donate Nina’s work space Something clear something nice That you can enter that feels personal and I think really an important process so the next thing I did was I believe I made a Sub header here and the reason I did this is because I’m very similar to what setup I’ve got now and something like modify a lot is I’m almost a mini description of What this workspace about so I put like I think I put like home – I put in this case Nina’s Work or something like this something that represents the workspace I mean it could be absolutely anything for you Then what I did is I put a divider in this is another part of the blocking process just so it separates it from The sort of dashboard area now the next thing that I did is obviously I mentioned then I brought in a few pages So the best thing to do is title the different areas, and I think I had long term focus stuff here Bear with me a set moment. I actually put a header here long term and I believe I put in another head and next to it, so I’m gonna put short term and Obviously you can manipulate this to however you like and then I put a divider below both of these Which you can copy and paste here very good very easy to do and then you can use the slider to determine which section you were gonna use the most and in most cases I would expect you use in the short term if You’re using things like notes and agendas, so this is where the templating comes in guys I think templating is quite an important process inside of notion I Wouldn’t worry about their default templates so the thing I would do is create a page so they let’s say this is your three month Roadmap now all I would do is Go over to the romance section Road the road map section here and click use template now They’ve recently updated it if you’re someone that doesn’t necessarily like a board layout and allow or even a table layout that they’ve recently Introduced with notion, and and I’m really I’m honest I’m not someone that does want this But that’s a interactive layer of it so what I’m what I tend to do is when I’m signing out is just I’m just gonna clear. I’m not sure how to actually delete it So since last month so since last time they actually did this they modified the templates to be a bit more fixed so anything with a table or anything like that can get quite confusing so my Recommendation if you want to make a road map that is specific to certain items you can use the weekly agenda And what I was mentioning before is you really don’t necessarily if you see a template that maps to what you want Then you can clear everything so here. I’m gonna turn this one into a road So here you are really Simply only have created my own road map and of course you can use all of the different sections here and using bullet points etc But this is just really an example of how you can create your own sections Pretty and rapidly and as you can see here. I have a direct link to the Three-month road map and let’s say I wanted to shuffle this across little I can do so like that So I think it’s really important to start with templates although sometimes they might be a bit too fixed and then modify from there and modify all of the elements around it from cover to emoji and everything in between but I think that is a really really good starting point and my recommendation is to fill all of this space here quite rapidly and one thing you can do is of course you can use pages and You can add blog posts and information like that just by doing this so for example if I wanted to start a blog post I could easily do that and Kick things off there, but as you can see it will appear here so my recommendation is to keep clear ah Naming things so for example. Let’s say Blog for client a Maybe even do Tuesday and you can have a link to it there Or let’s say you want to be even more organized in a case you could even make yourself a dead simple homepage so let’s see I wanted to make a You know all My blogs yeah, and you could do links linked to page to an existing page Mmm. Doesn’t like it doesn’t like it like it here we go so all you have to do is drag that in and as you can see it appears inside of there so if I wanted all my blogs there You can have your own blog page there, and it’s really easy to do with the different sections And this is something that I did on my personal account as you can see here I’ve got a list of all my current projects and I can even use the Natural checklist function to actually create my own area here And I’ve used some articles below to make it a little bit more efficient so over time I’ve sort of gained and controlled areas but of course you can use the let’s say you wanted a dashboard with a calendar of course you can use the brand new inline calendar function and Enjoys check for that inline but to create your own calendar And you can make it as big and as wide as you like so for example if you wanted it just for this section Then you can obviously that would make it really super thin But if you wanted it for the top so that you roll in to your different sections here Then of course you can do so and Nan is all that interactive and something that you can modify and play around with So as you can imagine Notion is a space that you can manipulate Yourself you can design your own layout, but it’s important to note to keep it Simple as you get started my recommendation is to create there bear Skeleton of your notion account with the core areas that you work with I remember when I got started I pretty much kept it to the three month roadmap the weekly focus and the client overview and I didn’t have all of this sort Of stuff in between so it’s something that you can continually modify Continually develop and something that will take time to improve and improve on so guys I really hope that you enjoyed this feature. Let me know in the comments. How it helped you or whether it didn’t Oh, yeah, whatever whatever you find fit to pan comment, but it was really good going over this I think this is a continual struggle with people especially is we’re introduced to a pretty brand new technology The canvas of a Productivity app and it was hopefully that was a nice overview let me know in the comments what you think and I’ll see you guys in a future feature make sure if you’re not subscribed as well to hit the subscription button It’d be great to have you here in this community Anyway guys. Thanks so much for stopping by make sure have a great week keep productive, and I’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers You

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95 thoughts on “Your First Day with Notion | A Beginner’s Guide

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  35. In case anyone who is switching from Evernote is interested… I came up with a handy way to import from Evernote to Notion. I am in early, early days of deciding how to organize content in Notion, but I've set up some pages and am starting to get some good ideas. There is no point in importing 10 years of notes to Notion all at once. I figured it was better to import in phases.

    I created two new notebooks: Notion Import and Moved. Otherwise I only use Main Notebook. I select, say, 20 notes in Main Notebook and move them the Notion Import notebook. Then sync. Use the Notion import function and select the Notion Import notebook. Notion imports the notes as pages into a folder called Notion Import. Last step is to go back to Evernote and move all of the notes in the Notion Import notebook to the Moved notebook. Then sync again.

    Now you know which folders you've imported to Notion (they are all in the Moved notebook) but you haven't deleted any Evernote content. Who knows – I might decide I don't want to stay with Notion and I haven't destroyed 10 years of notes. And because the imported notes are no longer in Main Notebook, you won't import duplicates the next time you do this.

    At your leisure you can move the imported notes/pages to their new "home" in Notion. If you repeat this process before you've moved all of the previous imported notes, be sure to rename the "Notion Import" page (e.g., "Notion Import 1") so there is no name conflict.

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  38. I got bored. I waited for what I came here for and I got bored due to “looooooooooooonnnnnnggggggg” intro. Waste of time.

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