Your Marketing Campaign-A Simple Lesson in Boosting Results
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Your Marketing Campaign-A Simple Lesson in Boosting Results

Here’s a quick tip that could change your
whole idea about what makes an effective marketing campaign. Understanding this will help you dramatically
boost your income and results, without getting stuck and stressed because you can’t figure
out why people aren’t buying from you. Now, like most people, I love the GOT MILK
marketing campaign. So as a marketing specialist I was floored
when I read how milk sales actually went DOWN with the GOT MILK campaign. I kid you not… and pay close attention to
this, because if you’re interested in building an effective marketing campaign for your own
product or business, there’s an important lesson here for you. An effective marketing campaign is supposed
to get more people to buy your product or service. But four years after GOT MILK started running
Business Week ran an article entitled, Got Milked – After a $385 million dollar campaign,
sales are declining. How could that be – a marketing campaign
everyone loves and yet, sales are going down, not up? Well, here’s an important lesson on creating
an effective marketing campaign. First, it’s easy for us to get fooled into
thinking something must be a success if it’s running for such a long time and especially
if so many people love it. But the reality is, the International Dairy
Foods Association that runs the campaign is like a big union where, even if sales are
low, if their families absolutely love the campaign and the goodwill it creates, they
refuse to cut it. But don’t get fooled by the glitz and the
movie stars. When it comes to boosting sales, GOT MILK
is a failure. And when you look beyond the surface, the
reason it’s a failure is obvious. It used to be that just about every man, woman
and child would drink milk every day, to stay healthy. In fact, milk used to be so universal, the
first half of the 20th century, milkmen in white trucks would deliver glistening white
glass bottles to the doorsteps of virtually every home in North America. But then, something strange started to happen. Milk became associated with illness rather
than health, and people stopped drinking it. Some people discovered they were lactose intolerant
– where milk was making them feel sick. The fat content in milk became a problem especially
for women who were dieting. Rumors of immune system ailments and even,
prostate cancer, further dampened the enthusiasm for milk. CALCIUM – the miracle ingredient in milk
– Started showing up in other foods and vitamins, so people didn’t NEED to drink
that refreshing glass of milk every day… Later, controversy around BGH – Bovine Growth
Hormone in milk further added to the mass exodus from the product. Of course, the reality is, milk does have
tremendous positive benefits – and only a relatively small number of people are actually
negatively affected by ANY of these problems. But all this negative has taken its toll and
has led to decades of lower milk sales. So, let me ask you a marketing question. If you’re afraid that you’re lactose intolerant,
or that milk might get you sick, would the phrase “GOT MILK” really make you want
to buy milk? No, it wouldn’t, would it? And herein lies the problem, and the lesson
for your own marketing campaign. Even with the biggest movie stars in Hollywood
promoting it, the GOT MILK campaign fails to answer the biggest fears many people have. Maybe they’d love to buy milk, but many
people are afraid. And the GOT MILK ads aren’t telling these
people anything or doing anything to reduce their fears. So, the point for your own marketing is this. If YOU could really understand why people
are NOT buying from you, the only way to get them to buy is answering their questions and
concerns. Do YOU actually understand why some people
are NOT buying from YOU? Surprisingly, unlike the Got Milk people,
many marketers have little idea why customers are NOT buying. This is definitely something you want to understand,
because the more you understand about this incredible road block that stops people from
buying, the easier it is to figure out how to open the flood gates to higher sales and
much better customers. For the GOT MILK people, even with all their
money, they forgot to explain why anyone should buy milk. Don’t get fooled by marketing campaigns
like GOT MILK and wish you could be as famous as them. Instead, make sure your advertising, your
brochures, your website and your emails – all tell people WHY they should buy from you. And boring ads that tell people WHY they should
buy from you will always outperform the most exciting ones that give people NO reason to
buy. So remember, the clearer you are in letting
people know exactly why they should buy, the greater your chance of selling many more of
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  1. Not clever to talk about milk that way. People waking up – you might not know it better but I would just not talk about it.

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