Youtube content marketing ROI: the cost of making our videos is $4,915/mo
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Youtube content marketing ROI: the cost of making our videos is $4,915/mo

Each second of this video costs Slidebean
around $2.5. That’s $10 just now. Around $150 per minute
and around $1,200 for our average video length of 8 minutes. We are cautious with our marketing budget. Every campaign we do is tracked and monitored
to find out if the money we spent is recovered: ROI. We started this Youtube channel years ago,
but it was only about 12 months ago when we found positive unit economics. In this special edition video, we are going
to break down how we make these videos, how much they cost, and why these numbers work
for us. This is the ROI of content marketing on YouTube. So, each video begins with a script. I write most of the scripts, which takes me
about a couple of hours. While the script itself only takes about 2
hours to write, I couldn’t write four scripts in one day. My brain doesn’t work like that. I normally spend a week cooking up ideas and
then just sit down and write them. So once the script is ready, we shoot it. This is our studio, which we built ourselves
when we remodeled our office. We’ve been upgrading our gear: our teleprompter and our lights as the channel has progressed. I handle the shooting. Each shoot takes about 1 hour for setup, lights,
and around 30 minutes with Caya. This video then goes to the editing room-
which is not a room at all, just me and my laptop and Final Cut Pro. I cut out bloopers and radio silence, and
then define the timing of the videos, as well as the camera positioning to keep you entertained. These cuts are a bit of a formula that we
know works to keep audiences through 8 minutes of Caya speaking. So once the video is cut and ready, it goes
to Elena. Elena is our digital animator and the only team member who dedicates 100% of their time
to the Youtube channel. I originally studied digital animation, so
this is what I was planning on doing for a living before becoming an entrepreneur. It was a really cool experience for me to
hire one of my peers for the first time. Anyway, Elena gets rid of the green screen,
color corrects and grades the video, and comes up with all the animations. All this process is done in Adobe After Effects,
and it’s not a template or an automated platform. She actually comes up with the designs and
animates them in sync with the script. Paula regularly delivers the cut video on
Fridays and Ele delivers a fully animated video by Wednesday afternoon. We believe this is the third part of the secret
sauce. First, transparent content: we are open to
sharing genuine insights and numbers from our company. Second, production value: we shoot in 4K in
a proper studio, and hopefully, you can tell the difference. Third, animation. Slidebean is, after all, a design company. We pride ourselves in helping you present
your ideas, and we wouldn’t be sending the right message if we didn’t have great visuals
to go with our content. With an edited video, the rest of the team
takes over to do the subtitles and Youtube optimization: tags, description, thumbnails,
subscribe button… This process happens Wednesday night or Thursday
morning typically, and the video goes live as soon as we are done. 90% of these costs are people: a total of
$4,915/mo between everyone’s hours. I’m also including our overhead: office, desk,
and admin costs for hosting the team. Now- why do we do it? Do we actually get $5,000+ back from Youtube? We do. As of today, the channel gets ~4,000 views per
day, which makes up to around $300 worth of Youtube advertising. Which is, of course, not how we make money. We make money because people watch our videos
and try our platform- or they hire our new pitch deck writing service. More importantly, this is a growing audience:
each new video adds more views, more subscribers and more exposure, but the old videos still
get views and probably will continue bringing in viewers in the years to come. There’s also an intangible value of brand
awareness. We hope that by watching this content, you
get to know our brand, who we are, and even share this content with your peers. I’m no celebrity, but people are starting
to recognize me as the face of the brand, to consider us a relevant source of startup
content: which goes a long way! It opens doors to meetings, partnerships,
not to mention a positive impact on the community as a whole. On a related and very commercial note- I started
a personal Youtube channel, where I go into other ‘entrepreneur life’ stuff beyond the
startup topics we discuss here- go ahead and take a look if you think it’s interesting. Finally, the next evolution of this channel
is going to bring in a few guests. Vini, one of my co-founders, will be hosting a new series on graphic design and product management, and we are working with a few relevant personalities
for some guest videos. I’ve been meaning t to write this script and break our own rules. We wanted to give you a ‘behind the scenes’
look into our process and the reason why we do this. Once again, if you want to try Slidebean out,
you can get 3 free months on any of our plans. If you want me to help out with the writing
of your pitch deck, go to for more info. Thanks a lot for watching and we’ll see you next week.

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13 thoughts on “Youtube content marketing ROI: the cost of making our videos is $4,915/mo

  1. Keep making them Caya 😀 … They’re not only a marketing strategy for you, but also helpful for youngsters that wants to get into entrepreneurship. They’re really informative and you’re providing quality content on every video you release. Keep up the good work 👏 Hope you keep growing. 👌

  2. Just stopping here to say that IMHO there really are almost NO entrepreneurship based channels that are good. So I love your content and thank you for making it 🙂

  3. Awesome Caya!!! But question… When incorporating a business in the us… how does the visa and other paper work stuff work?

  4. I always thought, spending that much money on a YouTube video is ridiculous. (If you convert $4915 in Indian Rupee it would be aprox. ₹350,000!! This is equivalent to the annual salary for a trainee engineer in India) but after watching this video it's all clear to me! Great job Caya. 👍

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