YouTube Marketing Defined
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YouTube Marketing Defined

Hello everyone!! Thanks for joining us on
as marketing update on our YouTube channel YouTube Marketing Mike Slabaugh here with Marketing
Innovative Solutions. This Channel is dedicated to helping marketers better
understand how to market their businesses. In this update we’ll take a look at what
marketing is by traditional definition and apply the definition to the digital
age and how current trends and technologies can help you with your
marketing efforts. YouTube Marketing. Wikipedia describes marketing as: the
process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers or selling that product or service. OK. Dictionary dot com describes marketing
with two different definitions: the first one is the act of buying or selling in the
market. The second one is the total of activities involved in
the transfer of goods from the producer or seller, the
consumer or buyer including advertising, shipping, storing
and selling. Well, the second definition certainly is
more complete but it may not be quite clear yet. Those are a lot words which can still
means different things to different people The second definition is more complete but
still not quite clear there are a lot of words which could
still mean different things to different people. Here’s another definition of marketing: awareness There is a marketing term called TOMA which stands for Top of the Mind Awareness. it simply means that when someone’s in
the market to purchase a product or service that a brand name or a good past
experience with a brand or business reminds a prospective buyer of that
brand or business again. so that they contacted business first instead of going anywhere else. But what if there is no TOMA? What if the
brand doesn’t come to mind? What if prospect does not know where to
go? Well, in today’s world there’s Google and YouTube Marketing. Being the second
largest search engine and owned by Google has many benefits for the buyer. They can find what they’re looking for in the
local area, experience the product through the video first so that when
they arrive at the business it’s as if they’ve already been provided
with the information they are looking for in their search. And, the better the
experience with feeling in detail the more likely they will call or come
to your location to buy your product or service. How does this ultimately happen? The business needs to
make sure that the video content is fresh and current also the channel page
needs to be fully optimized for a great experience. This will include channel art and logos on the channel. And, for a more robust viewing experience playlist could be added for specific
inventory after a main channel video to introduce the user to the business and
ask them to look at the playlist for the specific items that they’re wanting based upon that category product or
service With the category and strategy, layout
and content any YouTube channel and videos in the
playlist have a great start to be found first of all, and then watched and
then acted upon. Now a great call to action will tell a
prospective buyer what to do next and with an annotation like the one
you’re about to see right here they can take an action which results in a pleasurable buying experience. Now for more information about Marketing Innovative Solutions and
how we can provide your potential customers with better viewing experience on your
YouTube channel click on this graphic or go to the social media pages of
Google Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Go ahead!! Go there NOW!! Thanks for watching

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