YouTube Strategy for 2018 — 3 Tips
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YouTube Strategy for 2018 — 3 Tips

– Do you have a YouTube plan and brand strategy for 2018 yet? If not, no worries, ’cause in this video, I’ve got three quick
tips, plus some info about a brand new advanced YouTube training that is happening soon, coming up. Hey, what’s up, Sean
here with THiNK Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video, and on this channel, we do
a lot of tech gear reviews, as well as tips and strategy
videos, just like this one, so if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. So there’s no question about it, YouTube is on fire right now. 1.5 billion logged in monthly users watching over an hour of content per day. The recent launching of YouTube TV, new features like the community feature that’s being rolled out. YouTube continues to
innovate, continues to adapt, and it is one of the best places online to be building your influence,
no matter who you are, whether a personal brand, a YouTuber, or even a business or a nonprofit, YouTube is the place to be. But if you fail to plan,
you plan to fail, right? So let’s jump into three quick tips for putting a game plan together for crushing it on YouTube next year, and then also, watch
until the end of the video if you wanna hear about
some advanced training that we’re doing soon. Tip number one is you need a strategy if you want to win. The famous quote from Sun Tzu in the book The Art of War says, “Every battle is won
before it’s ever fought.” Now, how profound is that? Most of us would think that success comes at the end of the year, but in reality, people who understand the
power of strategy realize that success is actually
architected, it’s intentional, and it’s planned out in advance. And one of the questions
I get all the time is, “Sean, is it too late to start YouTube?” And the answer is, of course, no. Sure, if you would’ve
started back in 2005, that would’ve been the best time to start, but honestly, the second
best time to start is right now, today, while
you’re watching this video. The best time to grow is right now, today, while you’re watching this video. Like, it’s always the best time to take massive action, right now. However, one of the pieces
of advice that I give people is that, back in 2010, if
you would’ve started YouTube, you could’ve been playing checkers, right, maybe a game we all love. Checkers is fun, it can be competitive, but it’s not the most
strategic game in the world. However, chess is an
entirely different game, and I like to say that if you wanna crush it on YouTube in 2018, you need to be playing
chess and not checkers. You need a higher level of strategy. Tip number two is you need an actual plan, you need a game plan, right? Because if you fail to
plan, you plan to fail. Prior planning prevents poor performance, and I’ve found that the people
who invest the most time in strategic planning are usually the ones who are the most successful, even though sometimes
planning doesn’t seem like it’s doing much, it’s not taking action, it doesn’t feel like actual work, but yet planning is so powerful. In fact, check out this
quote from Brian Tracy. It says this: “Every minute
you spend in planning “saves 10 minutes in execution. “This gives you a 1000
percent return on energy.” 1000 percent? Yep, that is a major ROI,
a return on investment, of your time, so make sure
to block time for planning. Tip number three is goal setting, actually having intentional,
thoughtful goals related to your business, your
brand, your YouTube channel, and everything that you
want to build online. And you may have heard of the famous study that followed a group of students and compared their success
over multiple years of time from the Harvard Business Review. Now, it said this, that
83% of the population does not have goals, 14% of the population plans goals in their mind,
but they are unwritten, and 3% have goals written down. They followed the people in this study and found that the 14% that have goals were 10 times more successful than those without goals at all, and that the 3% that had written goals were actually three times
more successful than the 14%. And so, having goals and
actually writing them down is incredibly powerful. So, goal setting for
anything, whether our lives, our businesses, our
health, whatever it is, it is incredibly powerful. In fact, let me know
in the comment section one of your goals for 2018. So, right now, grab your
phone, grab your planner, grab your calendar, however it is that you keep track of your life, and actually block some time for strategy, for planning, and for goal setting. And trust me, if you do that, you will see massive results in 2018. And, if you would actually
like my help on that journey and would like to hear about
this advanced training, then keep watching this video. Part of our mission here at THiNK Media is to help 10,000 people
create a full time living doing what they love with online video. So whether that’s personal
brands and YouTubers figuring out how to actually
create a business model around YouTube influence, to monetize it, to grow your audience,
and things like that, or actual entrepreneurs
and small business owners who need to learn from the YouTubers how to grow an audience,
and how do you actually sell products, services, coaching,
even network marketing, how do you drive business
results with YouTube? That’s our passion here at THiNK Media, and so we put together
a brand new training that’s coming up soon
called Grow With Video. If you would like an insider’s look at our strategy for 2018, how
we plan out our content, how we plan out our year,
the tools that we use inside of our business and
for our YouTube channels, and the actual tactics
that we are focusing on the most for 2018, then you
will love this training. And we are running a holiday special, so for a super limited time, you can get over 80% off of registration for this live training
and all the bonuses. All you have to do is
go to GrowWithVideo.Live to register, and there’s also a link in the YouTube description with
more details to everything. The date of the training is
in the YouTube description, but it will be streaming live
towards the end of December, and if you aren’t, for some
reason, able to attend live, the recordings will also
be sent to you afterwards, so you don’t miss out on anything. And, as my team and I
were planning this out, we wanted to throw in
a couple cool bonuses to help you start getting
results immediately on YouTube, included in this Grow With Video bundle. Bonus video number one is one
of our best selling programs, called Video Product Review Profits, and it’s all about how to create simple YouTube videos
and monetize them quickly with affiliate marketing. This training is based on my journey of creating a side, part
time, and eventually a full time income with
affiliate marketing and YouTube by itself. I reveal my best tips, strategies, all about how to do that in that bonus. Bonus number two is called Crush Collabs. Now, if you’ve been on
YouTube for very long, you know the power of collaboration, whether that’s teamwork, whether that’s collaborating with other influencers, or whether that’s doing
interviews with other influencers, all of these are great ways to build your influence online. Personally, I’ve interviewed
over 400 influencers over the years. I’ve learned a lot from reaching out, how do you cold email people, how do you reach out to people on Twitter, what do you say. In fact, in that program, we
share our emails, our tweets, the actual language we use
when reaching out to people, and even the companies,
and so you get all of that in the Crush Collabs bonus. And the cool thing is is that when you sign up for the
Grow With Video bundle, you’ll get instant access to Crush Collabs and Video Product Review
Profits immediately, so you can start getting that training and results on your
YouTube channel right away. And bonus number three is my Advanced Online Influence Training. Now, this is content
that I have never taught anywhere else ever before, and I’m very excited to include it in this Grow With Video bundle. And you can get over 80%
off the entire bundle for a super limited time, just because we wanted to put together a holiday special, right? Everybody does that for Black
Friday, for Cyber Monday, but it’s going to end
November 27th at midnight. At the end of Cyber Monday, the price will just go
up to regular price, so if you are interested in taking action in this training, getting results, then just click the link
in the description below, or you can go to GrowWithVideo.Live. And plus, during the stream,
we’ll be doing Q&A as well to get any of the questions
that you have answered about the content. After this training,
you’ll leave with clarity, strategic goals, and a game
plan for success in 2018. Plus, you’ll also see all
of the tools that we use in our business to stay
organized and stay productive, as well as fresh ideas,
strategies, and tactics for crushing it on YouTube. The things that we’re
gonna be focusing on, we’re gonna be sharing
those tips with you there. So again, if you wanna take action and jump into Grow With Video, there’s a link in the
YouTube description below, or all of the information
is at GrowWithVideo.Live. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this, and if you wanna check out
other YouTube tips videos, just click or tap the screen right there. For another video from THiNK Media, just click or tap the screen right there. Until next time, THiNK
Media is bringing you the best tips and tools
for building your influence with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

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100 thoughts on “YouTube Strategy for 2018 — 3 Tips

  1. Love it man! I have BIG goals for 2018, really want to grow here on YouTube and I have plans written and strategies for, and so far so good 🙂

  2. one of my goals is to post short weekly videos during the whole year to prepare to edit and shoot a short film in December. All ready wrote the script, just need to get better at cinematography, directing actors (and finding actors lol), and sound. 😀

  3. Thanks bro, just trying to get to my first 1,000 subs. We own a gym so our goal is always to get people stronger and faster, we have tons of info to share we just need to be more scheduled and dedicated to shooting and producing videos to share all that info. Our number one goal is always getting people in the door of our gym, so we use youtube to spread the word on our brand.

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  7. Man Sean, I'm starting to just watch your videos just to get tips on how to DELIVER ! Your a professional and I feel like very word you say is meant to try and make me move in a certain direction and click on something else.. VERY IMPRESSIVE

  8. Personally I think that this year gains us more views and subs than the past couples of years, yes it is crowded with a lot of channel and minor negatively in the youtube community. But I think started a channel this year with great editing skills and thumbnails would be great. The next couple of years will be harsh on new channels especially. I have been on YouTube for 2 months now and I just can’t stop to quit, every video and thumbnail gets better by the minute and it just keeps me motivated. The only problem with doing youtube is school and that’s starting to affect me too, my grade have gone down ever since I started youtube

  9. Goal:
    Start and grow a successful Youtube channel for my art and clothing brand to make 3k+ per month, and make a total of 6k within the next 100 days!
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  12. My best friend and I always make and write goals for the upcoming year during December. Some of my biggest goals were to create 3 movies (I've finished my first in January), create my YouTube Channel and make at least 100 videos, and to buy my company logo. Last year I hit all my goals by the end of the summer!!! Goals are literally everything to keep you on track!

  13. One of my goals for 2018 is starting my YouTube channel. I have been BINGE watching your channel these past couple of days, so THANK YOU for all the great tips you have provided. Looking forward to your future content.

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  15. My goalS are 1000 subs, 4000 hours in 12 months, and being an affiliate fot many businesses. 1 goal: retiring from my normal job in 8 years.

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  17. Hay Sean ive just recently started watching all your tips an info on Youtube strategies an tips. An i am so thankful for all the inspirational content yous give out. An big ups to you an your crew. Ive been wanting to go live on my channel for a while but have not built the confidence up to post anything cause im not to tech savvy or editing an i am a learning new things from yous. Anyway thanks for the info an ill keep watching your guys stuff.

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